July 31, 2021
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More On The Pak Ad The NYT Refused To Carry

More On The Pak Ad The NYT Refused To Carry

Some USD 150,000 is apparently what it cost for this ad that appeared in the WSJ on Sept 11:

Image courtesy TheLongWarJournal which, quoting the TOI, went on to say:

Pakistan has placed an advertisement in the US media to reach out to America on 9/11. "Which country can do more for your peace", asks the advertisement in the Wall Street Journal . "Since 2001, a nation of 180 million has been fighting for the future of the world's 7 billion."

Dawn reported that Islamabad had initially given this advertisement to The New York Times but they refused to carry it. The ad says that since Sept 11, 2001, 21,672 Pakistani civilians have lost their lives. The army also has lost 2,795 soldiers. The country has lost $68 billion. The ad noted that despite sacrifices the country was still engaged in "the war for world peace". "Can any other country do so? Only Pakistan," it maintained.

The WSJ itself clarified:
It was not clear whether the ad was carried in other U.S. publications. Pakistan’s government also tried to place it in the New York Times. The Times asked for “more clarity in the ad about who was placing it,” according to a spokeswoman for the newspaper. The Times did not hear back from the government and so has not yet run the ad, she said.

The ad as printed in the Journal carries a line at the bottom in small font saying “Government of Pakistan” next to a web address for the government. A spokeswoman for the Journal declined to comment.
Pakistan's excellent Cafe Pyala blog put it in perspective by pointing out:
Well, our sources inform us that the problem about the source of the ad arose because neither the Pakistan Embassy in Washington nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) nor the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MoI&B) were the sources of the ad. In fact, our sources confirm that none of these three Pakistani government entities was even consulted about the ad. In fact, the ad, designed by the Pakistani advertising agency Midas, was placed directly from the Prime Minister's Secretariat.
Cafe Pyala concluded by asking:
But what does it say about the Pakistani State if its organs feel they need to bypass each other to get a point across that, ostensibly, all of them should be agreed upon? What does it say about how policies are made and implemented?

Then again, we might also point out that the US$150,000 apparently spent on running the ad in the WSJ could have been better utiltized for things with a currently slightly higher priority than a PR exercise.
Meanwhile, in India, Parody ads are already doing the rounds. Here is one via pragmatic_d asking whether the NYT would have run this one instead:
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