January 27, 2021
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'#Modi Supporters Aggressively Pushed Fake #Assange Endorsement': Wikileaks

'#Modi Supporters Aggressively Pushed Fake #Assange Endorsement': Wikileaks

Last month, someone called Prasanna Karthik R, whose Twitter bio describes him as

KPMG & Home Ministry alumnus. Management consultant turned political professional. Operations In-charge, National Digital Operations Centre - BJP Mission272+

tweeted the following:

But yesterday, as the propaganda caught on, came the denial from Wikileaks in a series of tweets:

and also

The Wikileaks clarification was with respect to the cables leaked by WikiLeaks in 2011, one of which was sent by Mumbai consular general Michael S Owen about a meeting with the Guhjarat Chief Minister in 2006:

Consul General met on November 16 with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the first such meeting since Modi's U.S. visa was revoked in 2005. Modi provided a glowing overview of his accomplishments in office, including better roads, universal access to electric power, greater availability of water, burgeoning direct investment, and rapid economic growth. Consul General acknowledged progress in many areas, but queried the CM on communal relations in general, and efforts to hold accountable those officials responsible for the violence of 2002 in particular. A visibly annoyed Modi launched a spirited defense consisting of accusations of USG meddling, attacks on US human rights abuses in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, and allegations that Muslims were better off in Gujarat than anywhere else in India. A half-hour of give and take on the issue yielded little additional information from Modi, except for an acknowledgement that he understood human rights issues are important to the USG. Other Gujarat observers claimed Modi aspires to a national BJP leadership role, and ironically, these aspirations may motivate him to assure there are no further communal disturbances in Gujarat. [Read the full cable here]

Narendra Modi's blog, at that time, had quoted the CM as saying, "I am glad that America admits Modi is incorruptible":

Talking about Wikileaks cable about him Shri Modi on Tuesday mentioned, ‘Wikileaks cables are accurate. I am glad to learn that America admits Modi is incorruptible’. He informed media that the cable presents an honest account of his talk on human right issue with the American official.

He said, ‘I am a person involved with the pride of India. I clearly said America cannot preach us about human rights violations. I counted all the incidents where the U.S. has abused human rights’

Hon’ble CM’s take on Wikileaks cable about him

In a cable sent by Michael S Owen, dated November 2, 2006, presents Shri Modi as a ‘no-nonsense, effective administrator who has reduced corruption in public life in Gujarat’. It presents Gujarat as a progressive state. Talking about Gujarat’s progress he said, ‘Gujarat is developing speedily, and America also has believed that Gujarat can develop rapidly’.

He noted cable mentioned him fairly and said he was a ‘good Indian leader’. He said, ‘to say a person in non-corrupt is one thing but the report that America has sent mentions me as ‘un-corruptible’ based on interactions with people’.

‘On one side it is being said, ‘Indian government is completely corrupt’. Then there are reports by America and WikiLeaks, which refer to the state of Gujarat where the leader is un-corruptible,’ he added  [See the 2011post on Narendramodi.in]

That was March 2011, but as the elections approached, the above had morphed into a ringing endorsement from Julian Assange himself, which started doing the rounds in posters such as the ones above, and it was not limited to just one supporter. For instance, see this January 2013 tweet from Priti Gandhi, the "Co-Convener, BJP Communication Cell, Maharashtra":

BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has now reacted by saying. “The nation does not need a certificate from Julian Assange or Wikileaks about Modi, and neither does Modi to win the elections. What the people want is just good governance.”

“We have not asked for their certificate nor do they need to give us any. People have made it clear that they want Modi to win as they want good and stable governance which can take the country on the path of progress,” he said.

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