January 26, 2021
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Modi NAMA (Narendra's Acronyms & Mindless Alliterations)

Modi NAMA (Narendra's Acronyms & Mindless Alliterations)
Modi NAMA (Narendra's Acronyms & Mindless Alliterations)

Narendra Modi has a thing for selfies, everyone knows that by now. But there is something else he is fond of, it’s almost a hobby. Modi loves coming up with the most bizarre acronyms and alliterations. Whether he is on a diplomatic mission to some foreign land or launching a scheme or addressing a rally, acronyms just pour out of him like verse from a poetic soul.

Now that he has been the Prime Minister of India for almost a year, here’s a look at all the schemes and acronyms that he has subjected his subjects to:

NMET — National Mineral Exploration Trust

Technically, a new seed trust to promote more exploration of non-coal minerals. But looked in the context of the Modi government’s view on progress-versus-environment, it acquires a more sinister dimension.

USTTAD — Upgrading Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development

Flagship welfare scheme aimed at upgrading and promoting the skills of artisans from minority communities. Modi launched it in Varanasi and said it was very "close to his heart"

NERPAP — National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme.

He is obviously aiming for a totally error free and authenticated electoral rolls. It is important here to remind readers about the BJP’s massive protests about EVM tampering before the 2014 General Elections result.

AMRUT — Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

Move over chacha Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)'s second phase is here to rejuvenate India’s 500 cities and it is named after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But don’t try asking anyone exactly what is a smart city…

HRIDAY — Heritage Development and Augmentation Yojana

For the preservation and rejuvenation of India's rich cultural heritage, focusing not just on maintenance of monuments but also on advancement of the entire ecosystem including its citizens, tourists and local businesses. Unsaid, but implicit is an entire chapter on Maharana Pratap in the history books and a paragraph or two about Akbar.

PaHaL — Pratyaksha Hastaantarit Laabh

Don't spend too much time in trying to pronounce the second word. Simply put, it means that LPG cylinders are sold at market rates and entitled consumers get the subsidy directly into their bank accounts.

PRAGATI — Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation

Basically a platform where Narendra Modi holds monthly meetings with Secretaries of Government of India and the Chief Secretaries of the States. So, here’s another attempt at giving India a unitary structure.

NITI — National Institution for Transforming India

The Planning Commission’s replacement. As long as the acronym means something in Hindi, it is working towards national good. And anyway, who would think of looking up what NITI actually stands for?

• S for strict but sensitive
• M for modern and mobile
• A for alert and accountable
• R for reliable and responsive
• T for techno-savvy and trained

Phew. So that's how our policemen should be. Now imagine the pot-bellied cop down at the chowki who has just had a grand meal of chhole kulche and is now sitting in stupor picking dirt out of his ears, and think how smart he is!

ROAD — Responsibility, Ownership, Accountability, Discipline

Modi's mantra for success given at a Make in India workshop.

B2B — Bharat to Bhutan (could also be used for Bangladesh)

Refers to the dil to dil connection that Modi feels for Bhutan. Could have been any other country, really.

INCH towards MILES — India-China towards a Millennium of Exceptional Synergy

Modi's master plan for the future of India-China relations.

HIT — Highways, Informationways, Transmissionways

Things Modi wants to hit Nepal with. Unfortunately (and now we should not be kidding about this) mother earth beat him to it.

P2G2 — Pro People Good Governance

This is not referring to Karan Johar's next venture. This is what Modi said his government is focused on. Of course, this was before he decided he wanted the land bill passed.

5Ts — talent, tradition, tourism, trade, technology

Apparently these five Ts can develop India. Perhaps, 6 Ts would be better. The last one would stand for Tolerance. 

5Cs — Collect River Water, Connect rivers, Channelize water, Control local water, Community participation

These 5Cs can help water conservation. Of course there is also Cleaning involved. But for that he has another scheme.

4 Ps: People, Private, Public Partnership

Modi wants India to move from PPP to PPPP.
There is another P that Modi ji is very fond of — Publicity.

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