May 15, 2021
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Meerut: Bystanders And A Braveheart

Meerut: Bystanders And A Braveheart
Meerut: Bystanders And A Braveheart

Meerut. A man is riding a motorcycle. A young woman is riding pillion. The motorcycle brushes against a car. Five young men get out of the car and brutally attack the motorcycle rider. Onlookers watch. No one comes to the man's rescue. Finally, the young woman joins in and helps beat up the assailants.

The photos were apparently taken by a local journalist according to whom there was a policeman present at the scene too but instead of stopping the young men, he merely turned away. 

Apparently, others in the crowd took photos too. But no one stepped in to stop the young men who were brutally beating the motorcyclist.

The photos were broadcast and published in local media and eventually found their way to social media and went viral, forcing the police to act.

In some first accounts, the man driving the motorcycle was described as the young woman's father.

Uttar Pradesh police has reportedly arrested one student and registered a case under IPC section 354,323, 504.

The young woman finally tells her version on TV. Says the young men were recklessly driving the car when the car brushed against the motorcycle and it fell down.

The young woman was injured but when she noticed that her husband was being brutally beaten and no one was interceding to protect him, she took matters into her own hands and went and helped him by beating up the men.

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