January 28, 2021
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Manu Joseph Quits Open

Manu Joseph Quits Open

As general elections approach, Manu Joseph is the latest to join the list of controversial departures from senior editorial positions in recent times. He  announced on his Facebook page yesterday that he had quit Open magazine:

I have quit Open. Will continue as interim editor until a new editor is appointed or the end of March, whichever is sooner.
Third novel, come to me fast.

Hartosh Singh Bal, Open's erstwhile political editor, who had been served a termination notice by the magazine, and has gone to court against the decision, writes in the First Post:

Shortly after I left,  [Manu Joseph] had sent out a mail, in fact, it was the last mail to be forwarded to  my account before it was terminated, stating: 

Just to keep you informed -- we have shortlisted candidates to head  politics and news, and are in talks. Naturally, the next political  editor of Open will be someone who fits in the magazine, someone who  reflects its vibrant, credible, unbiased and what is widely known as  'secular' character. I had long conversations with Sanjiv Goenka from  here and we updated each other on matters concerning the magazine.  People expect high standards from us, so let's keep going. 

On January 6, after months of speculation, PR Ramesh, a journalist  considered close to general secretary of the BJP Arun Jaitley, joined  the magazine as managing editor. Manu had opposed this decision and he  chose to resign once it was forced upon him.  I personally feel Manu has himself largely to blame for the tame end of  his term at Open. Evidently if the management can sack a political  editor without the editor's consent they can appoint a managing editor  without the editor's consent. Manu had already conceded the journalistic  principle, now he had only been negotiating for personal pride. He was  not even granted that.

Read the full piece at the First Post: Manu Joseph’s resignation: The perils of editorial surrender

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