January 25, 2021
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'Manmohan Singh Went To Complain To Obama About Me Like A Dehati Aurat'

'Manmohan Singh Went To Complain To Obama About Me Like A Dehati Aurat'

Pakistan journalist Hamid Mir is heard in the above TV programme as saying that Mr Nawaz Sharif called Barkha Dutt of NDTV and him for a breakfast meet and among other things, smilingly told Barkha Dutt that it seemed Mr Manmohan Singh had gone not as the Indian Prime Minister but as a "dehati aurat" to complain about him to President Obama

Literally, "dehati aurat" would mean a "village woman".

According to Mr Mir, Nawaz Sharif thinks that Manmohan Singh is in a particularly weakened position because of Rahul Gandhi's "complete nonsense" presser recently and a series of corrutption charges that his government is facting, and that Pakistan sees no reason to make any concessions to a lame duck prime minister and would rather wait till the results of the next elections are out.

According to Mr Mir, there would be no declaration for any MFN status for India, and no joint statement or joint press conference after the meeting.

Watch from about 10 mts onwards

On Twitter, NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt clarified that "this is a distortion entirely" that Nawaz Sharif said "NOTHING of this kind" and that she is "taken aback by the distortion by their own reporters"

As she pointed out in a series of tweets, placing the reported remarks in perspective:

Ms Dutt was alluding to Prime Minister Singh's recent meeting with President Obama and the remarks made thereafter.

Clearly, Mr Mir belongs to that section which does not want a meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh, or at least for anything substantive to come out of it, by quoting and distorting off-the-record remarks that are bound to spoil the atmospherics. 

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