May 16, 2021
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'Manmohan Singh Is The Main Election Agent Of Narendra Modi Today'

'Manmohan Singh Is The Main Election Agent Of Narendra Modi Today'

Arun Shourie speaks to Karan Thapar for CNN-IBN's Devil's Advocate show: 

On Manmohan Singh:

Well, he has been a person who has squandered his own reputation and is a person who has been completely been irresponsible in regard to the nature of the things that the country required.

...I mean which ass could not have known the consequences of [NREGA and the Food Security Bill?]. You extend them to even the districts where there was labour shortage. Even NC Saxena who was a member of the National Advisory Council wrote do not do this, at least for the districts in which there is shortage of labour.

Yes he did. Kyoki ji Rahul Gandhi ne kaha hai. Bhai wah (Because Rahul Gandhi said so. Wonderful)!

... I think this Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi business is just an excuse. He just goes along with everything. His core competence has turned out to be to blame other people. 2G - Oh Raja was doing it, I didn't know. Arre Raja wrote letters to you. Coalgate - I was the minister but I didn't know.

...In case of 2G, I took the papers to him. I had to disclose it unfortunately because that Aseerdvatam Achary had brought the papers to me in the first instance.


A good man who has turned out to be a good for nothing man

On Narendra Modi

...his main election agent today is...The person working from him, night and day....I am talking about Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh is the main election agent of Narendra Modi today, kyuki jab ye koi kaam hi nhi karte hai to log kehte hai ki yar Modi ko lao. Modi ko lao.

On whether Modi is divisive:

The question is, at the moment what the country requires is not divisive but decisive leadership.

On whether Modi is arrogant and dismissive of those who disagree with him and differ with him.

Well I haven't worked with him so I can't say that. I mean I can't say one way or the other. But as far as my limited interactions with him are concerned, that is not the case. And certainly he listens very carefully for 2 hours at a length and you find that subsequently he has acted upon them.

...Mr Narendra Modi will work for a minimum of 230 seats with the BJP alone. And the way this government is going that is entirely possible.

Read the full transcript at ibnlive where Mr Shourie talks about the "stateless leaders" of the BJP; how he is against the amendments to the RTI act to keep political parties out and the negation of the SC orders on the convicted MPs by Parliament; refuses to comment on the "innocent person" Rahul Gandhi, other than questioning what he has done; describes how he personally took the full details of the 2G Scam to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who did nothing about it; and details his views on the state of the economy, including the food security bill.

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