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Laal Sings For Malala

Laal sings for Malala, a Habib Jalib poem:

Darte hain banduukon waale ek nehatti larRkii se
phaele haiN himmat ke ujaale ek nehattii laRkii se
Dare huuey haiN mare huuey haiN larziidaa larziidaa haiN
Mullaa, taajir, general jiyalae, ek nehathii laRkii se
“Aazadii ki baat naa kar, logon say na mil”, yeh kehte hain
baehiss, zalim, dil kay kaale, ek nehatti laRkii se

The gunmen are frightened of an unarmed girl
The light of bravery is spread because of an unarmed girl...



13 Oct 2012, 05:35:21 PM | Buzz

Ayaz Amir in the The News:

What people are we dealing with? The Taliban are men in arms but what code of chivalry animates them? Young and old die in wars but which military code of honour countenances their deliberate murder? Which military code of honour permits the slitting of throats? Our conflicts are puny compared to the great wars of the 20th century. But where in those wars did any side take pride in the calculated, cold-blooded killing of the young and innocent?

And if Islam be the benchmark, pause for a moment and think of the great Khalid bin Waleed, the incomparable Salahuddin: among a long line of distinguished captains of war, and there has been no shortage of great captains in the history of Islam, how would these two have looked upon the attempted assassination of young Malala? If there are occasions where words fail this is one. But listen to the doctors of divinity and one has to admire the complicated layers of their sophistry.

And if in the world of Imran Khan and the leading warriors of the Defence of Pakistan Council (Gen Pasha, thou hast much to answer for) drone attacks is the big issue, is it not worth asking whether the state of Pakistan is in control of the area where these attacks are occurring? Do we control North Waziristan? If we don’t, shouldn’t lost sovereignty be reclaimed first before a violation of sovereignty is alleged?



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