August 04, 2020
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Kolaveri Di Meets Sharad P

Kolaveri Di Meets Sharad P

When even His Salmanness was moved enough to express the following, somebody was bound to take notice:

And it seems they just did:

Link via churumuri* who notes:

It’s been a strange, surreal week, bookended by a third-rate Tamil song with nursery school lyrics going viral because the non-singer, non-actor who features in it is married to, well, Rajnikanth‘s daughter—and an agriculture minister who has been playing cricket with the country’s farmers and consumers for so long that no one would have minded him being slapped by a more educated, better placed sardar than an autodriver called Harvinder Singh.

Mercifully, someone has found a way out of the astounding piety and political correctness that has greeted Dhanush‘s “Kolaveri Di” and Sharad Pawar‘s ignominy to make sense of the two landmark events of the 47th week of the year of the lord 2011.

*Disclosures apply.

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