April 21, 2021
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Is The UPA Suddenly Turning Reformist?

Is The UPA Suddenly Turning Reformist?

The Prime Minister insists that the decision to hike fuel prices "was much needed reforms" not taken under any pressure

Writing in the Telegraph, Ashok V. Desai* tells us not to believe any such thing:

The timing of the decision suggests a connection with the meeting of the Group of 20 last Sunday.

The recent camaraderie between the government and Reliance is relevant here. The Ambani brothers entered an agreement to divide up the Reliance empire in 2005. Soon they quarrelled, and their rows ended up in courts. The Central government quite gratuitously asked the courts to allow it to intervene, and did so systematically in favour of Mukesh’s Reliance. Such uncalled-for and inappropriate favours are generally not made out of a generosity of heart; interests and influence are usually involved. The government’s concern did not confine itself to the fraternal conflict; it spilled over, as will be seen, to the decision on pricing

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*Please note he is not a "leftist". Nor is he a Hindutwit, as he always delights in describing the Hindutva-walas.  He in fact was the chief consultant in the finance ministry from 1991 till 1993, when he helped Manmohan Singh with the reforms.

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