June 17, 2021
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India's Shame: Tribal Exploitation

India's Shame: Tribal Exploitation

For the record, the two videos now placed on youtube by Gethin Chamberlain:

A video circulating among tour operators in the Andaman Islands. Released by Gethin Chamberlain in response to police attempts to play down my report on the abuse of the Jarawa tribe. This is one of many such videos in circulation. It was filmed on a mobile phone.

Footage of Jarawa tribe dancing in return for food, Andaman Islands. The footage is circulating among tour operators. It accompanied a report in The Observer by Gethin Chamberlain, and the video first appeared on the Guardian website:

"Dance," the policeman instructed. The girls in front of him, naked from the waist up, obeyed. A tourist's camera panned round to another young woman, also naked and awkwardly holding a bag of grain in front of her. "Dance for me," the policeman commanded.

The young woman giggled, looked shy and hopped from foot to foot. The camera swung back to the others who clapped, swayed and jumped.

This kind of video is the trophy tourists dream of when they set off into the jungles of the Andaman Islands "on safari". The beauty of the forest functions merely as a backdrop. The goal of the trip is to seek out the Jarawa, a reclusive tribe only recently contacted, which is taking the first tentative steps towards a relationship with the outside world.

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