July 17, 2021
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If Not From Dr Sam, Then From Dr Ching

If Not From Dr Sam, Then From Dr Ching

In the proverbial long-run, it doesnt matter what the deal was. Whether GHQ helped in the raid and dont want to admit it or they were never told and left with their pants around their ankles, it's bad for them either way. 

And if GHQ coughed him up because they are on the road to decoupling from all jihadis or they coughed him up in exchange for "free hand in Afghanistan" (meaning they get to keep the "good taliban") is all the same in the end.

It's the path to the end that will change. If they made a deal and got Afghanistan in return, then they will rue this day not too far in the future. If some would-be adventurer in the PLA is thinking of taking over policing duties from the CIA, they are welcome to it.  Afghanistan is not theirs to manage as they see fit. It will be an endless war and one day they will be fighting the good taliban as surely and as ineptly as they are fighting the bad ones today.

The Islamist-jihadi project is not compatible with peaceful coexistence in a world dominated by infidels. I would not be surprised if one day we see the indo-tibetan border police helping GHQ save their best housing colonies from the jihadis.

IF GHQ was more proactive (or maybe, it's a matter of capacity, not intent) they might have taken the medicine early on and avoided nasty chemotherapy in the later stages.

But one way or the other, they will take the medicine. If not from Dr Sam, then from Dr Ching. There is no future for Jihadistan.

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