May 07, 2021
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How To Evict Muslims From Hindu Areas: Praveen Togadia

How To Evict Muslims From Hindu Areas: Praveen Togadia
How To Evict Muslims From Hindu Areas: Praveen Togadia

Pravin Togadia—whose Twitter handle describes him as "Renowned Cancer Surgeon ; International Working President, VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad)—has stirred up a controversy by a speech alleged to have been made on Saturday, April 19, 2014, targeting Muslims for buying properties in Hindu areas.

The video of the alleged speech of April 19 has been telecast on various news channels which clearly shows Praveen Togadia apparently addressing a street protest outside a house said to have been purchased by a Muslim businessman near Meghani Circle in Bhavnagar in Rajkot. 

The video shows Mr Togadia saying that Muslims are making such purchases as part of a well-thought out strategy and that there are two ways to stop such happenings. 

One is to exert pressure the state government to bring in Disturbed Areas Act which prevents inter-community sale of immovable property. 

According to him, under the Congress rule a provision was made under which once the Disturbed Area Act was imposed, Muslims could not purchase houses in Hindu areas. 

Election time, he says, is a good time to exert such pressure.

The second, he is heard saying, is to talk to some lawyer, forcibly occupying the house, putting a board saying Bajrang Dal outside, and then fighting a legal battle which could continue in courts.

Mr Togadia is heard saying that no one is hanged for forcibly occupying some one else's house. If there is a legal case, let it be.

After all, he is heard saying, if Rajiv Gandhi's killers were not hanged, what could they do to us?.

If they come out on the road, you should start a campaign of spitting. There is no law against spitting, he is heard saying and that the occupants of the house, when they come out should be spat on.

There is no punishment for throwing tomatoes also, he says. So throw tomatoes at them, once they come out.

Force them, thus, by waging a battle on two fronts to vacate the house on their own or losing their house and money because of forcible occupation.

The speech, when first reported by media agencies and the Times of India, was denied by Ram Madhav of the Rashtriya Swayank Sevak Sangh (RSS)

Praveenbhai hd not said anything dat ws attributed to him. It ws a fabricated news. No Swayamsevak thinks on those lines.

There was also a legal notice that was purportedly sent by Dr Togadia in response, denying the above speech.

But that was before the video showed up. In between Dr Togadia, has been tweeting that the video is morphed, "adding extra lines to what I actually had said. Sick!"

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