April 22, 2021
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How Far Have You Come? Take Some Tips From Om Malik

How Far Have You Come? Take Some Tips From Om Malik
How Far Have You Come? Take Some Tips From Om Malik

India-born Om Malik is one of the most influential voices in technology today. The 50-year-old technology writer founded the popular blog GigaOm. Two years ago, he shocked Silicon Valley by leaving GigaOm – it is currently controlled by lenders – and became a partner in another firm, True Ventures.

In recent post on his blog titled "How far Have You Come?" Malik eloquently describes a recent visit to his parental home in Delhi's Rajinder Nagar – this was where he grew up. "The neighborhood is a bit more crowded. The sun fails in its valiant attempts to kiss the ground. The smog feels a little heavier. Air is a little hard to breathe," writes Malik.

He goes on to describe the lavender walls, his childhood bed, and then puts it all into perspective quite colourfully. Saying that "the bed, the house and the way my parents engage with me is a good way for me to reset, recalibrate and re-contextulize my life," Malik gives us all something to think about.

"I don't like to dwell in the past – unless of course it is music, movies and sometimes lost loves – and future is always brighter and more exciting, present just more real. Nevertheless a visit to my parents house is a chance to remember how far I have come and for once not worry about where I have to go. It is pretty easy to get a skewed perspective on life, success and failures by the expectations and achievements of an A-type society that is Silicon Valley.

Like many others, in this cesspool of ambition and billions, I have sometimes ended up calibrating self worth with some false metrics. Going back in time is a chance to measure what really matters – life spent doing things that matter. Regardless, since coming back, I have felt more at ease, reminded that in the end success is about living up to your expectations and not what others define as success."

Read the complete blog here.

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