June 13, 2021
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History Lessons For Modi From Nitish

History Lessons For Modi From Nitish

Two days after the eventful Patna rally by Narendra Modi, the Bihar Chief Minister equated his Gujarat counterpart with Hitler and, citing how his followers had attacked Amartya Sen because he praised Bihar, said Modi is a fascist just like the German chancellor.

Like Hitler's information minister, Joseph Goebbels, Nitish Kumar said, Modi too believes in repeating lies a hundred times so that they would begin to sound like the truth.

Nitish Kumar then went on to demolish some of the utterances by Mr Modi:

  • Takshila is not in Bihar but in Pakistan [Located in Western Punjab in modern-day Pakistan, 32 KM northwest of Rawalpindi
  • Wonder how Modi brought Sikandar [Alexander] to the banks of the Ganga in Bihar [Alexander's army crossed the river Jhelum [Hydaspes] and vanquished Porus but the Macedonian army mutinied on the banks of the river Beas [Hyphasis] near Indora in present day Himachal Pradesh
  • Chandragupta Maurya belonged to the Maurya dynasty and not the Gupta dynasty

Incidentally, since we are on the question of history and Sardar Patel, last week in Udaipur, Narendra Modi had said that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did not attend Sardar Patel's funeral. Not only newspaper reports but even video footage of the period show both Prime Minister Nehru and President Rajendra Prasad attending the funeral on December 15, 1950

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