September 20, 2020
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Hindi=Urdu, Urdu=Hindi

Hindi=Urdu, Urdu=Hindi

A bit earlier in the day, on my timeline I came across this tweet from Pavan Jha:

Why I love Google!, wanted to read desperately & Google helped immediately #beyondlanguage

pointing out Google's Urdu-Hindi translation utility and I was reminded of which used to offer a pretty decent transliteration between Urdu-Hindi. I thought I would pass it on to him, but on checking, I found that the site's domain name expired on Dec 26 2010. But Google was helpfully at hand as ever in finding which seems to be an equally excellent resource for all those who can read devnagri but want to read nastaliq, or vice versa. The above page, for example, reads like this in its transliterated form.


Happy New Year.

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