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Gulzar, Dil Se

Gulzar, Dil Se
Gulzar, Dil Se

Dreams are scented. Eyes are fragrant and their aroma is claimed to have been seen. Water is, indeed, proclaimed to be wet. Flowers put on, well, underpants and bloom. Stars walk on the ground. The day is an empty vessel and the night is a blind well. Oh well, such is Gulzar but then there are songs that cannot but be on almost everyone's favourite list. In celebration of his 76th birth anniversary (he is 1934 born) some of those in this hurriedly compiled play-list: 

  • bas ek chup sii lagii hai
  • merii jaaN mujhe jaaN naa kaho
  • tum pukaar lo
  • moraa goraa aNg lai le
  • aaj kal paaon zamiiN par
  • koii hotaa jisko apnaa
  • ek hi khwaab
  • jaane kyaa soch kar
  • tere binaa zindagii se
  • tum aa gaye ho
  • havaaoN pe likh do
  • ganga aaye kahaaN se
  • maine tere liye hi saat raNg
  • is moR se jaate haiN
  • machal ke jab bhii aankhoN se
  • ziNdagii phuulon kii nahiiN
  • dil dhuuDtaa hai phir wohi
  • phir wohii raat hai
  • ruke ruke se qadam
  • huzuur is kadar bhi naa
  • tujhse naaraaz nahi ziNdagii
  • chhoR aaye hum
  • suniyo jii
  • khaalii haath shaam aayi hai
  • meraa kuchh saamaan
  • ek akelaa is shahar meN
  • do diivaane shahar meN
  • thoRii sii zamiiN
  • naam gum zaayegaa
  • jaane kya sochkar nahiiN guzraa
  • dil Se re
  • gulmohar gar tumhaaraa naam hotaa
  • o maajhi re
  • biitii naa bitaaii rainaa
  • musaafir huuN yaaroN
  • woh shaam kuchh ajiib thii
  • naa jiyaa laage naa
  • jungle jungle baat chalii hai

And for old time's sake, what for many growing up in the 1980s was an introduction to Ghalib:

  • ibteda

Elsewhere on the web, there is no better place than Pavan Jha's labour of love, Gulzaronline (and in Devnagri, khushbuu-e-Gulzar)

And if you want to check out the man paying a tribute to old collaborator RD Burman:

Incidentally, on Twitter, yesterday, Namrata Joshi had started a hashtag thread on #Gulzar favourite lines. I was doing something else, but couldn't resist adding some of these off-hand:

  • sahar bhii ye raat bhii dopahar bhii milii lekin, hamiiN ne shaam chunii hai... 
  • mukhtasar sii baat hai tum se pyaar hai, tumhaaraa intazaar hai...
  • jaaN naa kaho aNjaan mujhe, jaan kahaaN rahtii hai sadaa? aNjaane, kyaa jaane, jaan ke jaae kaun bhalaa 
  • jahaaN terii eRii se dhuup uRaa kartii thii sunaa hai us chaukhaT pe ab shaam rahaa karatii hai 
  • yaa garamiiyoN kii raat jo puravaaiiyaaN chaleN, ThaNDii safed chaadroN pe jaage der tak...
  • khudaaraa ab to bujh jaane do is jaltii huii lau ko/charaagoN se mazaaroN ko baRii taqliif hotii hai, machal ke jab..

Why don't you share your favourite Gulzar lines? You don't even have to be constrained by the 140-character limit in Twitter and there are many gems in the playlists above.

On Twitter itself,  Pavan Jha came up with an off-the-cuff useful list of #Gulzarish songs not penned by #Gulzar (some obvious ones, but some commongly mistaken):

  • Tumhe ho na ho mujhko to itna yakeen hai, mujhe pyar tumse nahin hai (Naqsh Layalpuri)
  • Phir Kahin Koi Phhol Khila Chaahat Na Kaho Usko (Kapil Kumar) 
  • "Meethi lagi chakh ke dekhi abhi, Misri ki dali zindagi ho chali" (Prasoon Joshi) 
  • Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye (Yogesh) 

(I was left kicking myself for getting the first two wrong in the hurried belief that all the songs in Anubhav and Gharonda must have been by Gulzar). Before that Pavan Jha narrated this lovely story about the lyrics for Anand's songs (reproducing from Twitter without editing):

Gulzar saab was writing dialogs for Anand.. Hrishi da [Hrishikesh Mukherjee] and unit thought he is by default choice as lyricist too..
but Salilda [Salil Choudhary] was intouch with Yogesh thos days & was impressed with his work. so when next song situation came he asked Yogesh
and somehow Salil and Hrishida could never tell each other that they already had somone started writing of the song
the song was Na jiya lage.Salilda asked yogesh to pen the song on that tune, while Hrishida had already asked
Gulzar saab cameup with Na jiya laage na while Yogesh cameupto Salil with Na, Na Ro ankhiyaan.when Both Salil/HD came to know
Hrishida was captain so he decided Gulzar saab version to be recorded.. but handed over a cheque to Yogesh for his effort..
Yogesh refused to accept the cheque.. bole Gaana record hi nahin hua to kaahe ke paise.. Salil da came to rescue of Hrishida
He suggest to introduce another song as the theme song.. so they had Yogesh to write "Zindagi kaisi hai paheli"
Zindagi kaisi hai paheli was not part of the film's org script.. but they introduced it without any changes in the script.. 

Incidentally, ITRANS credits naa jiyaa laage naa to Yogesh. For more on Yogesh, see this fascinating story. by  AniruddhaGuha.

Also See: RD Burman on Gulzar


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