May 08, 2021
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Five New Things We've Learnt About Sundar Pichai

Five New Things We've Learnt About Sundar Pichai
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Five New Things We've Learnt About Sundar Pichai

Buzzfeed published a rather long and equally delightful profile of Google's Indian-born CEO Sundar Pichai. Sprinkled with anecdotes about his life and from his childhood in India, the piece talks of Pichai's visit to the country earlier this year when he spoke to students at Delhi University and met the President, Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

The piece which talks of Pichai's style of working and the factors that make him tick in the Silicon Valley reveal some fascinating factoids about him. See if you already knew these:

  1. Pichai can still move about incognito despite being in the same league as the likes of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Were Cook or Zuck to stride across a Consumer Electronics Show floor, they would be mobbed. Pichai is not at that point yet. 

  2. Pichai launched Google Cardboard without even seeing the final version of it. Talk about leap of faith.
  3. Speaking of leaps, Pichai once climbed on the top of his house in Chennai and jumped from rooftop to rooftop (just like in the movies) to escape a bunch of barking dogs. 

  4. Pichai was almost delirious with joy when recently Einstein's long-held theory about gravitational waves was proven. 

  5. There is a miniature indoor soccer pitch just inside the front door at his home in San Jose made from colored tape for his 9 year old son and him to play together.

Read Sundar Pichai's full profile on Buzzfeed

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