August 02, 2021
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Farce At Midnight

Farce At Midnight

It could have been foretold by anyone by late afternoon. The UPA was not only in a hopeless minority, under most severe opposition from its own constituent, Trinamool Congress, but had no intention of putting the bill to vote.

The buzz had been that a bitter exchange could be engineered in the house to disrupt the proceedings of the house.

Through the evening, TV Channel CNN-IBN kept mentioning the possibility of a "bitter exchange" to disrupt the house that could take the proceedings to midnight.

It even mentioned Rajniti Singh by name.

Political analyst Yogendra Yadav called it the worst form of match-fixing. He called the UPA tactics as trying to be too clever by half but hoped that it would not come to this sorry pass and this particular drama would not be enacted because it had been announced on national television.

But clearly, there was desperation in the ruling camp, and the claim seemed to be confirmed when Rajneeti Singh proceeded to tear up the bill in Rajya Sabha, and as the video clip shows, the minister concerned did not seem to be even making a half-hearted attempt to stop him.. 

There was so much confusion and the ruling UPA's strategy so much in flux, as another anchor on the same channel tweeted, even on persistent questioning, intriguingly, even the chairman of the Rajya Sabha himself did not seem to know whether the House would go on post midnight or not.

The opposition said it was willing to sit through the night, but the Congress-led UPA claimed almost on the stroke of the midnight hour that it needed more time to consider the proposed amendments, and the house was then adjourned sine die without the bill being put to vote.

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