February 17, 2020
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Enthu Cutlet, Jacked, Lau, Sidey...

Enthu Cutlet, Jacked, Lau, Sidey...

The  Samosapedia may not quite be the Hobson-Jobson updated as far as academic research and rigour is concerned, or qualify to be "the definitive guide to South Asian lingo" that it claims to be, but the sheer fun of encountering an ever-increasing compilation of "dictionary" entries for Desi words and colloquialisms, and a name like that, is reason enough to recommend it highly.

Actually, the entry for the name captures the essence of the site quite well:

An online dictionary for all things desi, a veritable golden repository of poly-nation linguistic cross pollination, a place to laugh with bulging brains at a flat world.

Arun: "Dude I just got accepted to the New York Writers Guild and I think the hot girl from my writing workshop is totally into me!"
Vikram: "
Arun: "Bless you"
Arvind: "
Gube! If you dont know 'Aicchhhhh', look it up on Samosapedia!"

It could actually be quite useful for cultural annotations, e.g. take the entry for
Traditional with Modern Outlook

Usually refers to a woman representing the ideal catch for the contemporary Indian male. Ahh the good fortune of finding Seethalakshmi (alias Lexi)! She speaks the vernacular, she toasts the coconut before putting it in the keerai kootu, touches periamma's feet at all family functions, and knows how to sport a 9-yard in the 40*C swelter of Chennai. But in the privacy of youthful company she knocks back the Old Monk Rum and Thumbs Up as she explains how Kegels enhance the female orgasm. Woof!

Kumar: I say, that Bhagyavati looks quite the paavum type, why is a US return like you trying to put kai there?
Suneel: Pressure machaan, what to do?. So truce with the folks, traditional with modern outlook!



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