January 20, 2021
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Editor Watch

Editor Watch
Editor Watch

We take a break to make an important public service announcement.

In response to Vinod Mehta's Delhi Diary (Editor in OT), we have been inundated with calls from well-wishers of Editor, seeking updates, offering best wishes, prayers and advice.

We are grateful to all those who called -- atheists, agnostics, believers, pseudo-secularists, avowedly 'non-seculars' (particularly the lady from Chennai who wanted it to be noted that she is actually a cat person and does not exactly share "Mr Ved Mehta's politics") -- and are pleased to inform in public interest that the surgery by Dr Prabhakar at Friendicoes yesterday was successful.

Editor is back to playing truant, and sources tell us that Mr Mehta is offering cake with coffee to all his visitors today.



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