July 13, 2020
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Dev Anand: A Playlist

Dev Anand: A Playlist

Whatever else you may think of Dev Anand, or the films he took to making in his later years decades, his place in film history and popular culture is assured forever because of the movies he did in the black and white era, and even more so for the songs picturised on him. While Guide almost always gets cited for its soundtrack, and there definitely are some other gems from the early "colour" decades, those B&W songs  — from the pens of Majrooh to Hasrat to Sahir  (or even Shailendra) and some of the very best of Hemant, Rafi and Kishore under (largely) the magic of S.D. Burman — alone are enough to remember him as the one who got the best songs to sing. And some of the most memorable.

So long and thanks for all the poetry set to music...

Rest in peace.

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