June 15, 2021
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Dear Taliban Leader, Thank You For Your Letter To Malala...

Dear Taliban Leader, Thank You For Your Letter To Malala...

If there is one letter that one hopes is read in the original, and translated widely, it is the excellent as ever Mohammed Hanif writing in the Guardian in response to the Taliban leader who wrote to Malala. Only the concluding paragraphs here:

It has also been suggested that your letter represents the mainstream opinion in Pakistan. But don't fall for this praise. You might think that a lot of people support your just fight, but there is a part of them that worries whether their girl will get the grades to get into a good university. And if you tell them there is a contradiction there, they might tell you to leave it to Allah.

I'm not sure if such frank language is appreciated in the Taliban's shura, but I'm sure, with your linguistic skills, you can phrase it better. I have a feeling that, like it or not, our women will kick arse.

Yes, we have heard all your arguments about how they are a weaker sex, they can't be in the workplace because they are impure five days a month, and if they are good wives they are pregnant nine months a year; but whenever I look around I have this sinking feeling that they are going to kick arse. Mine and yours.

Don't believe me? You may have seen the propaganda pictures of female pilots released by your former employer, Pakistan's air force. Some of them have started to fly fighter aircraft. Like you, I'm of the firm belief no good has ever come out of the Pakistani army's misadventures. But just think of the day when one of those female pilots decides to not leave it to Allah.

Read the full letter at the Guardian: Dear Taliban leader, thank you for your letter to Malala Yousafzai

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