August 03, 2021
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'David Cameron! David Cameron!'

'David Cameron! David Cameron!'
File - AP/ PTI
'David Cameron! David Cameron!'

Britain's Conservative Party, in a pretty much desperate attempt to woo the ever increasing India-origin voters in the run up to the May 7 general elections has come up with a piece offering. A song in Hindi. 

Commissioned by a group that calls itself the 'Conservative friends of India', the song called 'Neela Hai Aasma' features Cameron doing all sorts of "India" things, which needless to say wreak a little of cultural appropriation, against a very blue London sky, so unnaturally blue that the top part of Big Ben appears blue as well.

So there is Cameron with a red teeka on his forehead. Cameron at the Akal Takht. Cameron doing namaste. Cameron wearing a garland doing namaste. Cameron and his saree clad wife pouring water on a statue. Cameron and his wife celebrating Diwali. The two staring open-mouthed at what must be 'Indian architecture'. Cameron making rotis. Cameron shaking hands with Narendra Modi. Not to forget, Cameron unveiling a very Brit-looking Mahatma Gandhi's statue along with our very own Jaitley jee.

The song which obviously is in India's rashtra basha and trying very hard to be Bollywood is not even half as exciting as 'Paanch Saal Kejriwal'.

But now we know why Cameron has been doing all the rounds at the temples and the gurudwaras. He's been trying to create a video montage, of course.

"The Conservative Party has the largest number of British Indian parliamentary candidates standing for election including four incumbent MPs – Shailesh Vara (Minister of Justice), Priti Patel (Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury and Indian Diaspora Champion), Alok Sharma (Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party and Member of the Treasury Select Committee) and Paul Uppal (Member of No.10 Policy Board) together with 14 new candidates of British Indian origin," the Conservative Friends of India said in a statement.

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