April 23, 2021
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Daily Curator: What Happened to Clean Ganga, Modi Uncle?

Daily Curator: What Happened to Clean Ganga, Modi Uncle?
File- PTI Photo
Daily Curator: What Happened to Clean Ganga, Modi Uncle?

Good morning. We begin with some unfortunate news from the breaking category as reports come in of a major bridge collapse on the Mumbai-Goa highway between Mahad and Poladpur. The bridge over the Savitri river reportedly collapsed in the wee hours of Wednesday and 22 people are said to be missing.

While we’re on rivers, an RTI filed by 14-year-old Aishwarya Sharma from Lucknow has revealed that little work has happened in the much-hyped ‘Namami Gange’ project to clean up the Ganga. The student from Class 10 is said to be ‘upset’ with ‘Modi Uncle’ after Rs 2958 crore out of the sanctioned Rs 3703 crore has already been spent.

After giving Maggi the runaround last year, the FSSAI has now sought to ban the silver leaf used in packaging confectionaries. The ‘leaves’ are prepared by beating thin silver strips between the intestines of cows and buffaloes and its now said to be ‘offensive and unhygienic posing potential risk to consumers’.

Gun violence has done its fair share of damage in the US. The Texans though, like their guns, which will now be allowed into college campuses and the state is one of eight in the country allowing this. On the other hand, Apple have removed the revolver emoji and replaced it with a water pistol. Holi Hai! (Sorry)

Apologies, we didn’t get much political today. But here is the Congress, whose right hand is reportedly not agreeable with its left on the GST in Parliament at the moment.

And moving on from the confused to the beleaguered, the BCCI has appointed former SC judge Markandey Katju as the head of a four-member panel to understand the implications of the Lodha recommendations.

Finally, there is this fascinating feature for all you internet geeks. It’s about (arguably) the oldest mailing list in India which goes by the name ‘Silk’.

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