May 07, 2021
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Daily Curator: And Now, Udta Haryana

Daily Curator: And Now, Udta Haryana
Daily Curator: And Now, Udta Haryana

It was on this day, 69 years ago, that the Indian Independence Bill was presented to the British House of Commons, thereby creating two separate nations of India and Pakistan.

  1. Formerly East Pakistan, Bangladesh has had a tumultuous weekend. The Deccan Chronicle reports that close to five of the ISIS recruits who murdered 20 were from pretty well-to-do families. One even had a picture with Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor occupying pride of place on his Facebook.
  2. One of the worst bombings in Baghdad took place yesterday. The attack was carried out with the intent of maximum casualties who were on the streets after breaking the fast during Ramadan. Close to 121 people have died and 212 are said to be injured. This report has more.
  3. Meanwhile, the political season in Punjab has kicked off. The AAP has released a 51-point youth manifesto ahead of the polls and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was all-teeth at the Golden Temple over the weekend (where he was heckled). PM Modi also shared a stage with the Badals while they all sang paeans to Banda Bahadur. The PM also released a book on the Sikh warrior.
  4. Also, the PM will be leaving for a four-nation Africa-tour from July the 7th. So let’s just get this cabinet reshuffle thing out of our way before the big trip, shall we?
  5. Also, the TOI claims today that it’s not just Punjab and the PM who like flying. Udta Haryana is said to be the new kid on the block who isn’t just injecting for pleasure but is also using it to ace track-and-field events. Not fair.

And if you care, we found out today that US President has seven salted almonds at midnight and that there is an anti-Brexit dating app called ‘Remainder’ out there. Shoo now.

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