June 11, 2021
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Daily Curator: All Hail 'Surgical Strikes'

Daily Curator: All Hail 'Surgical Strikes'
File - Photo by Sanjay Rawat/ Outlook
Daily Curator: All Hail 'Surgical Strikes'

Good morning. ‘Surgical strikes’ are two words most English speaking Indians are now extremely familiar with. So here goes. This report corroborates the ‘surgical strike’ that the government has been going on and on about using eyewitness accounts.  This one delves into the politics that has been going on surrounding ‘surgical strikes’ with all and sundry asking for proof and the BJP praising the army’s valour. Oh, and in the middle of this entire muddle, the Congress, not to be outdone, has released intel on three ‘surgical strikes’ carried out when their government was in power. All hail ‘surgical strikes’.

While we’re kind of on the topic, our moody American friends have archived the petition seeking to declare Pakistan a sponsor of terrorism. And the white boys in California have also approved a law which seeks to protect the Sikh community among other minorities. This after a Sikh man having dinner with his family on California Avenue was racially abused.

And after farmers in the north were unable to sell their paddy due to high water content, the Haryana state government increased the permissible moisture content from 17 percent to 22 percent. 

In sport-related coverage, Bengaluru’s Ishan Pandita has become the first Indian to sign a professional contract with a top-tier Spanish football side with the 18-year-old joining newly promoted La Liga side CD Leganes. And another 18-year-old, Bilaspur’s Shradha Vaishnav has not let her speech impairment come in the way of making her way into the Chhattisgarh women’s cricket team.

Finally, for you geeks, Google’s new smartphone Pixel is coming your way soon and the Indian enthusiast will need to shell out Rs 57,000 for the pleasure. 

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