June 12, 2021
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Baba Ramdev's Hairy Claims

Baba Ramdev's Hairy Claims
Baba Ramdev's Hairy Claims

We begin today remembering this day 56 years ago. The Shastri household went the ‘full monty’ in the happiness department as little Ravi was born. And while we’re on cricket (you knew that, didn’t you?) the erstwhile Stuart Binny who goes by the name Sanjay Bangar has been appointed the coach of the Indian team for the Zimbabwe tour.

  1. In serious news, the Supreme Court has rebuked the Centre over not having any course of action for the Rs-3000-crore Nirbhaya Fund. The apex court also had something to say about the current government paying only “lip-service” to the cause of women’s security.
  2. After a report by the CSE mentioned that Indian bread contained potassium iodate and bromate which are carcinogens banned in some countries, the All India Bread Manufacturers' Association have responded. The body says that it will not use such additives for baking in the future.
  3. There has also been a storm brewing in Indo-African relations. Diplomats from the continent had refused to take part in the ‘Africa Day’ celebrations yesterday after the killing of a Congolese international in the capital on Tuesday. They reportedly flipped after PM Modi and EAM Sushma Swaraj tweeted in support but latest reports mention that Indian shops have been vandalized in Congo.
  4. His fight to take on the might of the FMCGs of this world may have hit a slight roadblock. The advertising sector watchdog ASCI has growled in Baba Ramdev’s direction and said that Patanjali has “false and misleading” claims in its advertisements, including its hair-oil and washing powder brands.
  5. Mobile wallet Paytm seems to have stolen Flipkart’s change. After the e-commerce portals benched several IIM-A students and received a terse letter from its dean, Paytm expects to swoop in and take away those MBA grads from under the Bansals’ noses.

And finally, there is this piece about a pair of glasses that a teenager planted on a museum floor and people subsequently mistook them for modern art. Oh, and the American nuke department still uses 8 ½ inch floppy disks. You third world country, you!

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