June 13, 2021
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#AreYouSerious? #AreYouNuts? #HellYeah?

#AreYouSerious? #AreYouNuts? #HellYeah?
#AreYouSerious? #AreYouNuts? #HellYeah?

It was yet another Saturday evening in Delhi.

Among the many exciting things happening in the capital, apparently, was the opening of a new gym, where one Mr Robert Vadra happened to be present.

Which resulted in this:

Soon the late night news television was all abuzz. 

The boorishness was characteristic.  

And so was what followed: TV anchors went ballistic. Politicians performed for camera. For some time it remained unclear if the clip was playing in loop or Mr Vadra was merely repeating himself over and over and over and over again. 

[See More: Robert Vadra Loses Cool, Pushes Reporter's Mic Off]

Twitter, having recovered from the non-excitement of the morning, over a temporary block on some handles, suddenly had something to outrage about.

But it soon subsided, after some sober reflection on the journalist doing his duty, the arrogance of power and entitlement, a slow news day, the nature of television news, and whether or not it was a case of all froth and no beer, till finally the comedy-wallahs, the wits and the wags took over.

This is how it ended:

The big question, of course, remained, as to whether this 'Mother Of All Sweetheart Deals' will actually see some serious progress now that the BJP is in power at the centre, in Rajasthan and now even in Haryana and actually respond with a #HellYeah to the question Mr Vadra asked repeatedly, as its spokesperson, Mr Seshadri Chari promised?

Or would it be a case of, as Mr Swapan Dasgupta seemed to be suggesting way back then, and Mr Vadra may well have been channeling today,  once he could get over his incredulity at being questioned : #AreYouNuts? 

Some of the reactions on Twitter:

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