October 26, 2020
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Are You A Female Student? Then No You Can't, Says Chennai College

Are You A Female Student? Then No You Can't, Says Chennai College
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Are You A Female Student? Then No You Can't, Says Chennai College

It hasn't been long that Kolkata's Scottish Church College got slammed for issuing a dress code for its students saying that students needed to wear 'unostentatious' clothing reflecting "the seriousness and importance of the learning environment", which basically meant that students weren't allowed to wear t-shirts with captions on them and yes, no short skirts. Boys were prohibited from wearing round-necked t-shirts or sporting earrings and studs.

Now if you thought that was regressive and an assault on your right to dress the way you desire, then here is something that will make the Scottish Church rules seem reasonable.

According to reports, a well-known engineering college in Chennai has released a set of rules for its female students. A list of rules with 22 pointers has been doing the rounds on the internet and seeks to impose curbs on almost anything that can make college life remotely fun.

So no talking to boys, no mobile phones, no celebrating birthdays or new years or other occasions, no cakes or sweets or chocolates, no two-wheelers or four-wheelers, no pen-drives, no short kurtas or anarkalis or leggings and of course, no talking to boys. In fact women have been asked to stick to their allotted staircases and footpaths.  

Boy, all this would put Roald Dahl's much hated school-headmistress Miss Trunchbull to shame!

Dr. C.V Jayakumar Principal of the Sri Sai Ram Engineering College has trashed this document and said: "This is a move by someone who wanted to tarnish the image of our reputed college. The document does not have any authorized signature".

The college authorities also claimed that they have cultural events, sports day and symposiums. They also pointed to the 4th edition TEDx which happened in their college last week, thus proving that they were liberal about extra-curricular activities.

Talking about the uniform code however, college officials accepted that girls are not allowed to wear leggings, tight tops and jeans within the college and are only allowed to wear churidars in the college campus.

Even though the college authorities are vehemently denying the list, it should be noted that many colleges in Chennai have severe and absurd rules for women in the name of safety and discipline.

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