July 29, 2021
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'America's Next Top Modi'

'America's Next Top Modi'
'America's Next Top Modi'

After John Oliver, now it was Jon Stewart of the Daily Show who turned his attention to the Naendra Modi show at the Madison Square Garden.

In the mash-up of senators and congressmen praising Modi’s pro-business message that Stewart played, the highlight was clearly Rep. Pete Sessions who went on to say that Modi will become “the next Ronald Reagan for the world.”

Stewart's response was characteristic:

“The next Ronald Reagan, blessed be thy name. That’s a sacred honour usually only reserved for airports and post offices. Can Modi live up to the name?”

In NYT, Manu Joseph added:

The Hindu diaspora that had come to cheer the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, wants the United States to be liberal, respectful of religious minorities and generous to immigrants, but its members back a different set of political values in the country where they were born. Values that triumphed with the ascent of Mr. Modi, whom the Indian stock market adores, who complained in March that his political rivals were killing rhinos to make room for Bangladeshi migrants, who has shown disdain for government spending on the poor and whom human rights advocates hold responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of Muslims in 2002, as did the American government, which barred him from entering the United States until a few months ago, when he became prime minister.

Read the full piece at the NYT: Indians Adoring Modi From Afar 


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