July 26, 2021
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All In The Tongue

All In The Tongue
All In The Tongue

The Central Board for film certification in India has released a list of Hindi and English words that it does not want used in any certification category. 

The list has all the usual suspects; commonly used English cuss words and their Hindi counterparts. The list also includes an ambiguous ban on verbs that may have sexual connotations, violence against women, blooshed and anything that has double meanings. 

The list applies to all films in regional languages as well and the Censor Board has copied the list to its regional offices. 

Ironically, this list does not contain any 'objectionable' words from any of the regional languages. The Censor Board clearly seems to be under the impression that Hindi is the only Indian language in which people abuse or perhaps it believes that Hindi is the only language that exists in India. 

Just to help the Censor Board out with some research, we list some expletives in regional languages, which millions of people in India use in their everyday lives and which perhaps the Censor Board would like to outrage over.


  • Bevarsi
  • Sulemagane


  • Thevidiya
  • Kusu Koodhi


  • Chandi
  • Kazhuveri


  • Bin Gotyaachaya
  • Aai Ghalya


  • Kashuba
  • Hui thu


  • Gaen
  • Majigod


  • Bhosad Pappu
  • Jhadhino! 


  • Khankir Pola/Chhele (depending on whether you are a Baangaal or a Ghotee)
  • Baal chhera 

One must also add here that Cinema or any form of art is meant to be a reflection of society and the words mentioned in the list are used regularly by so many. If films are to truly portray life, how can a chunk of vocabulary be eliminated completely?

Do tell us, what other words from regional languages, according to you, would the Censor Board rave about?

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