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Achtung! The Royals Are Photobombing The CWG!

Achtung! The Royals Are Photobombing The CWG!

(verb)-  to drop in a photo hop in a picture right before it is taken.

The English Royals may not be of much use to anyone, but they certainly seem to be having fun at the Commonwealth Games, and livening up the proceedings for us all.

Last week, a selfie that the members of the Australian hockey team were posing for was photobombed by a grinning Queen:

The queen's grandson however acted a bit coy with the same Australian team a few days later:

So it was a bit of a surprise really to find the same grandson grinning away to glory while watching the 800m women's freestyle swimming at the back of a group photo, featuring rugby coach Sir Gordon Tietjens, sports psychologist and Massey University professor emeritus Gary Hermansson and Sport Manawatu chief executive Trevor Shailor, who this time around shared the photo on Facebook:

"Photo of the day.... A Royal photo bomb by Prince Harry with Titch (Sir Gordon) and Gary Hermansson at the Swimming venue tonight. Thanks to Bev Hari for taking the times supporting our athletes at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games!'"


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