May 15, 2021
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'Abu Jundal': 26/11 Audio Intercepts

'Abu Jundal': 26/11 Audio Intercepts

The intercepts of the chilling conversations that the 26/11 "handler" 'Abu Jindal' had with the terrorists were widely heard around the world and documented in various excellent documentaries and there is a renewed interest in these intercepts now with the arrest of Zabiuddin Ansari aka Abu Jindal aka Abu Jundal aka Abu Hamza, a co-conspirator of the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai, who is alleged to be the handler whose voice has been identified with one of those voices on the intercepts. A quick recap from our blogs:

Intercepts of the Phonecalls with Handlers

Excerpts from the transcript of conversation between "Abu Jindal" and one of the terrorists at Chabad House:

Handler: Remember that every one person you kill there is like taking 50 lives.... Handler: Listen

TerrorisTerrorist:  Yes, yes

Handler: Get rid of these people. Kill them

Terrorist:  By Allah's wish it is all quiet. There is no movement

Handler: No, no wait. Shoot. If firing starts, you won't know the timing, direction and intensity

Terrorist:  I've run out of grenades

Handler: Do it

Terrorist:  What? Shoot them?

Handler: Yes. Make them sit up and shoot them in the backs of their heads

... [After some time]

Handler: Have you done the job or not?

Terrorist:  No, I will do it in front of you. I was waiting for you

Handler: Do it in the name of Allah. (Woman screams: Please don't kill me!)

Handler: You killed one?

Terrorist:  Both together

Terrorist:  Allah willing, today is Friday. Today will be the final fight

Handler: Use all of your might. Do it. Shoot them. Get them

Terrorist:  Intense fire has started. Firing has started in our room

Handler: Take cover

(A little later)

Handler: Yes, what happened?

Terrorist:  I've been hit

Handler: Where?

Terrorist:  On my side and leg

Handler: May Allah protect you

Terrorist:  Pray for me, so that I attain martyrdom

For more context, some of the documentaries:

Channel 4's Dispatches: Terror in Mumbai:

CNN-IBN: 60 Hours:

Pro Publica: A Perfect Terrorist

Watch A Perfect Terrorist on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

AlJazeera 101 East: Terror in Mumbai Part I

AlJazeera 101 East: Terror in Mumbai Part II

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