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A Nymph Called Zohra Sehgal (1912-2014), R.I.P.

A Nymph Called Zohra Sehgal (1912-2014), R.I.P.
A Nymph Called Zohra Sehgal (1912-2014), R.I.P.

And she is gone too, one of the last of the IPTA (Indian Peoples Theatre Association) and PWA (Progressive Writers Assocation).

From Outlook archives:

There is not going to be any curtain call to Zohraji’s act; she shall remain an inspiration for ever.

—Sanjana Kapoor on Zohra Sehgal's 100th birthday:
The Age of Exuberance
, Outlook, May 14, 2012


This year my greatest source of fun has been playing with my nine-year-old great-great grand-daughter. She refuses to call me Badi Nani. She calls me Ami, like the others do. The Spirit of Anne Frank has been a great experience. The lines I forgot got so many laughs. And yes, I've flirted a bit more this year. In June I was called to the UK for 'An Evening with Zohra Sehgal'—they always pronounce it Segal—in a new theatre called Stratford Circus. A film in which I play Govinda's grandmother and go around on a motorbike with a pistol killing all his enemies is supposed to be out this year.

—Zohra Sehgal, telling us how she spent 2002
Thus Froke..., Outlook, Jan 13, 2003


LIKE a wise old spider Zohra Sehgal lies waiting to net little flies like me. When I rang the other day to request an interview she said, "Ah, magazine interview. But for such things I charge a fee," and mentioned a figure, not too large but not too small. Her wonderful, big laugh, something between a gurgle and a guffaw, filled the earpiece. "It's fine for fellows like you to ask," she added, "but I'm 85 and have to start saving for my funeral."

—Sunil Sethi''s 1997 profile:
A Nymph Called Zohra, Outlook, May 14, 1997

Listen to the feisty wonder recite Hafiz Jalandhari's Abhii to main jawaan huuN:

And Faiz's Mujh Se Pahlii Sii Mohabbat...

Or check out this three-part interview with ANI:



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