December 02, 2020
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2013: Medical Headlines

2013: Medical Headlines
  •  Milk, yoghurt keeps bones healthy
  • Family history key to heart health
  • Marriage cuts risk of heart attack
  • Chewing gum helps you think faster
  • Low-salt, potassium-rich diet controls BP
  • Unhappy childhood raises risk of heart disease
  • Milk gives you healthy hip bones
  • Sweet drinks cause tooth decay
  • Happy family in teenage gives a more satisfied marital life
  • Marriage is healthy option for women too
  • Bossy moms curb kids' creativity
  • Watching TV 20 hours a week halves sperm count
  • Sunlight cuts diabetes risk by 50%
  • Giving prolongs longevity
  • Green tea, wine may help treat Alzheimer's disease
  • Writing about rows key to marital bliss
  • Lower drinking age leads to binge drinking
  • Exercising brain boosts wellbeing
  • Beer isn't fattening
  • Mediterranean diet cuts heart risk by 30%
  • Eating well could spread infections
  • Sitting for long hours a health risk
  • Beans, spinach, raisin protects women from PMS
  • Bedtime fights take away 10 nights of peaceful sleep per year
  • Snacking on desk makes you pile on 2.8 kilos
  • Pregnancy may give women bigger feet
  • Sex better cure for headache than painkiller
  • Chewing gum boosts concentration
  • Mindfulness improves quality of life
  • Aspirin may lower risk of skin cancer
  • Kids of divorced parents more likely to smoke
  • Probiotics can lower irritable bowel syndrome caused by stress
  • Night shifts may up ovarian cancer risk
  • Sleep can boost memory
  • Unhealthy eating can worsen your mood
  • Stress can trigger Alzheimer's
  • Loo visits at night make you unproductive
  • Skimmed milk can make kids obese
  • Herbal medicine can cause kidney failure
  • Perfect diet fetish can lead to orthorexia
  • Proteins for breakfast can help to lose weight
  • People who have less salt in food live longer, healthier
  • Meal frequency, dish size affect kids' weight
  • Red meat affects heart
  • Exercise can help prevent brain damage
  • Carrots help combat prostate cancer
  • Light drinking in pregnancy not harmful to baby
  • Modern lifestyle leads to dementia
  • Brain ages faster in alcoholics who smoke
  • Calcium supplements extend lifespan
  • Processed food damages hearts of kids, teens
  • Fish oil fights diabetes
  • Soda addiction bad for teeth
  • Five cups of coffee a day leads to obesity
  • Ginger alleviates asthma symptoms
  • Cocoa can stave off diabetes
  • Excess sugar causes heart damage
  • Green tea helps lose weight
  • Skipping breakfast raises diabetes risk in obese women
  • Soft drinks increase aggression in kids
  • Four cups of coffee a day shortens the lifespan
  • Drinking apple juice as harmful as coca-cola
  • Eating two kiwifruits a day can ward off depression
  • Four cups of coffee prevents prostate cancer
  • Carrot is good to ward off cancer
  • Cold weather, chilli peppers help burn fat
  • Energy drinks increase heart beat
  • Messy eaters are better learners
  • Eggs, dairy, meats good for the brain
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