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Blog This Above All Jan 20, 2019
The constituency that was affected by the ban was not big, and the public at large does not sympathise with them, and so the political parties kept figuring out ways to keep the ban going.
Blog Kalinga Calling Jan 17, 2019
With both major Opposition parties in disarray and the coming together of BJD discards proving to be a non-starter, the only thing that can upset the BJD applecart is dissidence within the party.
Blog This Above All Jan 14, 2019
The history of electoral alliances in India is that when the dominant party faces a joint opposition, it gives up seats.
Blog Tamil Tunes Jan 12, 2019
For Rajini admirers, Petta, directed by Karthik Subbaraj, a promising film maker of the last decade, hoped to break the record of previous poor releases like Linga, Kabali and Kaala.
Blog Live From Srinagar Jan 07, 2019
Most of the mainstream Kashmiri politicians think they would be remembered for what they presume are good deeds. For them, the rest is ancient history, not worth remembering.
Blog This Above All Jan 06, 2019
In a few months or a few years, it will become normal to see females of menstruating age in the temple. Those who are currently angry over the defeat of tradition will lose their anger over time.
Blog Rough Cut Jan 01, 2019
Kader Khan, best known for penning some of the most powerful dialogues and comic timing as an actor, passed away on December 31 due to prolonged illness. He was 81.
Blog This Above All Dec 30, 2018
Like India and Pakistan, Korea and Japan hated each other. Japan occupied Korea for many years until 1945. Today, the differences exist but they have been set aside to ensure the economic progress of their populations.
Blog Dec 29, 2018
While 6500 foreign tourists registered on the Corporation’s website and 343 passengers booked tickets for travel by train in 2017-18, the numbers dropped to 4000 registrations and 251 booking in 2018-19.
Blog Live From Srinagar Dec 26, 2018
‘Mazhar’ in Kashmiri means an ‘epidemic’ and in Arabic, Persian and Urdu, it means an ‘expression’. The former bureaucrat, who had remained principal secretary to Farooq Abdullah during the latter’s tenure as Chief Minister, was sort of an epidemic those days.
Blog Tamil Tunes Dec 25, 2018
Conspicuously absent from Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth, has been the political acumen needed to make this transition from the predictable world of cinema to the rough and tumble of politics.
Blog This Above All Dec 23, 2018
Our country expects that we follow the law and rules and regulations, but Indians are one of the worst violators of laws and rules in the world. Those of us who have extensive travel experience can testify to this fact


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