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Blog Nowhere Man Oct 30, 2018
For a country being ping-ponged around on a court of real-life terrors every day, it’s safe to say that the Netflix-and-chill crowd doesn’t scare easy.
Blog Rough Cut Oct 27, 2018
DDLJ has completed 1,200 weeks over 23 years at one of Mumbai's oldest cinemas - Maratha Mandir. But, didn’t a wise man once say that all good things must come to an end?
Blog Rail Ways India Oct 26, 2018
Indian rail operations bring daily reminders about the organisation’s scant regard for human lives.
Blog This Above All Oct 25, 2018
The fact is that negative issues in India tend to work better than positive ones. Any experienced politician will tell you this.
Blog Life From Srinagar Oct 21, 2018
BJP would be reluctant to reveal that out of the 100 wards it won in the valley, 76 were uncontested.
Blog Rail Ways India Oct 18, 2018
Technology has increasingly been coming to the aid of rail passengers in India.
Blog Calcutta Corner Oct 17, 2018
Ostentatious celebration of Durga Puja in Calcutta is traced back to the early 1700s when Bengal’s zamindars outdid each other in displaying their influence, power and wealth by spending large sums of money in festivities.
Blog This Above All Oct 14, 2018
He redefined to many of us what Indian identity meant. He broadened it and he made it more liberal, more flexible and more attractive. However, I hope he is fired, rather than allowed to resign.
Blog Rough Cut Oct 13, 2018
Kishore Kumar did consider the venerable K L Saigal as his guru, and used to sing his songs all the time. He had, in fact, grown up listening to Saigal’s songs.
Blog Rail Ways India Oct 11, 2018
Despite being rapped repeatedly by the Delhi High Court, the Indian Railways has failed to submit a detailed action plan on addressing the issue contaminated water supply.
Blog This above all Oct 07, 2018
If we were to look at the various reservation agitations by the large dominant peasant groups, the Patidars, the Jats and the Marathas, we would conclude that not enough jobs are being created to shift people from agriculture to the modern economy.
Blog Rail Ways India Oct 04, 2018
With an estimated 3,980 tons of faecal matter being sprayed across the 67,500 kilometre rail network on a daily basis, the Indian Railways is often described as the world’s biggest toilet.


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