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Blog Sep 28, 2016
India is the only country in the world with Katrina Kaif. Have they not seen her mango drink advertisements?, says the post
Blog Sep 28, 2016
The father-son duo danced to the tunes of 'Gandi Baat' on the set of a reality show
Blog Sep 27, 2016
In a high-pitched, ninety-minute long debut debate, the two US presidential nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed over various issues such as ISIS, tax
Blog Sep 26, 2016
In a repetition of 2012, a shoe was hurled today at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi during his road show as part of his month-long ‘Kisan
Blog Sep 26, 2016
The gruesome practices of poachers in Africa are taking an ever greater toll ¬- if the slaughter continues at this pace, in just two decades
Blog Sep 25, 2016
Watch what you wash yourself with.  The Food and Drug Administration of the US, an agency tasked with protecting and promoting health of its
Blog Sep 25, 2016
Puttu, the guiltless staple breakfast of Keralites, has made it to the popular American talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. And it was a
Blog Sep 24, 2016
In India, animals rights are a joke due to laws that don’t bite back.
Blog Sep 15, 2016
Mulayam Singh has a major role to play in resolving the ongoing feud in Samajwadi
Blog Blog Sep 14, 2016
In what seemed like a repetition of 2015, Delhi started being swamped with cases of dengue with the onset of the monsoon. However, this year, 
Blog Sep 14, 2016
After reaching out to youngsters through the app-based game (Run Modi Run), now there's a bit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the toddlers too.
Blog Sep 07, 2016
Nine-yr-old Hazeela was playing in a children's park when the pellet, fired by the security forces, hit her in the left eye partially blinding her;
Blog Aug 26, 2016
It was in the wee hours on August 26 that the popular e-commerce portal Myntra started trending on Twitter but for all the bad reasons.
Blog Aug 23, 2016
Human Resources Development Minister Prakash Javadekar was the toast of twitter and social media over his comments at the Azadi 70- Yaad Karo Kurbani function
Blog Aug 17, 2016
Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia today ordered the sacking of a Delhi government hospital employee for wasting time by watching videos while on duty.
Blog Aug 12, 2016
Good morning. The hype and hope surrounding our country’s medal prospects at the Rio Olympics seems to be dying a slow death. The new sports
Blog Aug 11, 2016
Good morning. We’ll start with good news today that says that the Union Cabinet has amended the Maternity Benefit Act of 1961. Expectant mothers will
Blog Aug 09, 2016
Well, for those who are well-versed with this world, this was bound to happen. Across the past two weeks, the internet first bemoaned the loss
Blog Aug 09, 2016
Just read an obit notice. Anil Arora, the man who owned and ran The Bookworm is no more. All things and people that pass take
Blog Aug 09, 2016
Good morning. It was on this day, 91 years ago that the Kakori train robbery took place in one of the more iconic moments in
Blog Opinion Aug 08, 2016
Losing the Dalit votebank in Gujarat prompted the outburst, no such solace for Mohd Akhlaq’s family in UP.
Blog Aug 08, 2016
Welcome to Monday. The morning headlines are centered on PM Modi’s rebuke to cow vigilantes which gives us an opportunity to plug Outlook’s current cover story. Over in Gujarat, the hurt
Blog Aug 05, 2016
The trade in toddy is the preserve of the Passis, a Dalit community.
Blog Aug 05, 2016
This date has been kind of a busy one in history. It’s the day the Mayflower set sail in 1620 and the day apartheid began
Blog Aug 04, 2016
Good morning! A nation probably breathed a sigh of relief late last night as the GST was finally passed in the Upper House. There was
Blog Aug 03, 2016
Good morning. We begin with some unfortunate news from the breaking category as reports come in of a major bridge collapse on the Mumbai-Goa highway
Blog Aug 02, 2016
Good morning! PM Modi has been advising the BJP to be more active on social media and one of his most trusted lieutenants from his
Blog Aug 01, 2016
The Sunday, July 31 cover of the New York Post showed the potential first lady Melania Trump "like you've never seen her before".
Blog Jul 30, 2016
Many readers expressed shock and indignation over the Hinduisation of trafficked tribal girls from Assam by RSS affiliates as reported exclusively in the latest Outlook
Blog Jul 27, 2016
Seen Nike's video campaign 'Da Da Ding' promoting flashy and exorbitant shoes for women? Ever wondered about the thousands of working class and poor women


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