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Blog Feb 08, 2020
In today's times, when people are scared of repercussions for speaking out, what binds them together is 'fear'.
Blog Feb 03, 2020
It would be wiser to reengineer the Indian Railways’ management structure and its working cadres, rather than attempt to restructure it in totality.
Blog Jan 27, 2020
The Maoists returned on Sunday in greater numbers but had to flee into the jungles for the second time in 12 hours in the face of the even greater number of tribals, writes Sandeep Sahu.
Blog Satire Jan 10, 2020
"Are you from the tukde tukde gang or the Khan Market gang?” they barked the question. There was no NOTA button.
Blog Jan 08, 2020
In an industry where the biggest of film stars prefer to remain politically correct, if not mum, it is certainly rare for an A-lister actor to take sides on as big an issue as this, knowing fully well the ramifications of her move.
Blog Jan 06, 2020
No Delhi police chief in recent years has, until Amulya Patnaik came along, had a tenure that's moved so frequently from one disaster to another.
Blog Live From Srinagar Jan 02, 2020
Not even the National Conference lifted an eyebrow when Sheikh’s birth anniversary was removed from the list of 2020 holidays.
Blog The Rustic Writer Dec 28, 2019
Dare I say it that the Muslims disappointed you, by not invoking the verses of the Holy Quran, not raising religious slogans, for they battle to reclaim the Idea of India, writes Mirza Arif Beg
Blog Live From Srinagar Dec 22, 2019
The government has taken a leaf out of its Kashmir book to try and end protests. It has closed down the internet and it has unleashed the police against peaceful protestors.
Blog Live From Srinagar Dec 07, 2019
Over the years, security agencies have improvised on the counter-insurgency lexicon in the Kashmir valley
Blog Nov 30, 2019
Odisha assembly passed a resolution thanking CM Naveen Patnaik for the successful hosting of the 2018 Men's Hockey World Cup and bringing the next edition too. What does it mean for the state and it's leader, who is playing a different politics to enhance his image?
Blog Tamil Tunes Nov 29, 2019
It was way back in 1984 when the NT Rama Rao government was destabilised that TDP MLAs were shepherded and protected from poaching