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Blog Field Report Mar 05, 2019
In comparison to the horror of terror attacks, removing portraits is only a symbolic response, a form of token protest
Blog This Above All Mar 03, 2019
I think that Pakistan governments have done some terrible things but I do not blame the country's population for that.
Blog From The Stands Feb 28, 2019
The serious preparation for the 2019 World Cup will be in upcoming ODI series, starting March 2
Blog Live From Srinagar Feb 28, 2019
Kashmiris, who have seen the prolonged conflict for the past 30 years, felt that the Centre was conducting some psychological experiment on them.
Blog Tamil Tunes Feb 28, 2019
Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistan Army on Wednesday after his fighter plane MiG Bison crashed in PoK.
Blog This Above All Feb 24, 2019
If we decide that a sporting boycott of Pakistan is necessary, it should be part of a larger strategy that ultimately results in what we want: an end to cross-border terrorism.
Blog Tamil Tunes Feb 22, 2019
Thanks to its captive vote bank of about six per cent consisting of the Vanniyar community, the PMK has enjoyed the luxury of choosing its election partner while being wooed by both the DMK and AIADMK
Blog Feb 18, 2019
Jaish-e-Mohammed led by Maulana Masood Azhar operates with the motive of separating Kashmir from India and merging the province with Pakistan.
Blog Feb 14, 2019
Nepal and India are connected via language, culture and common religion, and also Bollywood.
Blog Bangalore Diary Feb 11, 2019
BJP's 'Operation Lotus' gambit had paid off in Karnataka a decade ago. The phrase is once again making headlines in the state after the Janata Dal (Secular)-Congress coalition came to power in May 2018.
Blog This Above All Feb 10, 2019
The wording of Article 48 of the Constitution may be scientific and economic but of course, this is a religious act. It has trapped India just like Article 28 has trapped Pakistan.
Blog Tamil Tunes Feb 07, 2019
As election season looms large, there is a race among political leaders to grab the spotlight.


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