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Blog Aug 15, 2019
Who killed you Pehlu Khan? In this age of post truth, we ask the dead who killed them. And we can also create a theory that Pehlu Khan lynched himself. And the times that we live in, it will be believed.
Blog Aug 12, 2019
It’s eighth day since curfew and restrictions were imposed in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370. And there has been no respite for the people so far, baring a few hours of relaxation here and there.
Blog Aug 12, 2019
Northern Ireland is not split into two as Kashmir is between India and Pakistan. And the division between Ireland and Northern Ireland is also not as watertight.
Blog Aug 11, 2019
Those who chafed at the idea of special status are satisfied that the only Muslim majority state of India is now a union territory, ruled directly by Delhi.
Blog Aug 05, 2019
The heart does not rest. In times like these, I am afraid of losing my mind. The feeling drives me crazy. Have I already lost my mind? Is this what they call madness?
Blog This Above All Aug 04, 2019
After the violence in Punjab, Congress legislated the Terrorism and Anti-Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, known as TADA. The law existed for almost a decade, and thousands of people -- most of them Muslims and Sikhs -- were arrested and jailed under it.
Blog Live From Srinagar Aug 03, 2019
As tension grips Kashmir, journalist Naseer Ganai captures the mood of Kashmiris
Blog Rough Cut Jul 31, 2019
Sadly, the millennials mocking Govinda with contemptuous glee do not appear to know his contribution to Hindi cinema at a time when he has pretty much become irrelevant for them.
Blog Kalinga Calling Jul 29, 2019
The growing proximity between the top bosses of the two erstwhile rivals --BJP and BJD -- has not only disillusioned the people who cast their votes in favour of the two parties; it has also left their local leaders looking rather foolish.
Blog Jul 28, 2019
Four missions to Mars are being planned next year by various agencies. Why so many together? The reason is that Mars and Earth come closest to each other once every 26 months and 2020 is when this happens next.
Blog This Above All Jul 21, 2019
On July 22, India will send its first spacecraft to the moon and will become only the fourth nation to be able to reach the moon after America, Russia and China.
Blog This Above All Jul 14, 2019
Reports quoting party sources say that senior party figures and Congress CMs have asked colleagues to give the names they propose for the post of Congress president in closed envelopes.