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Blog Live From Srinagar Sep 19, 2018
Separatists, for the first time, might be watching the situation with interest.
Blog Bangalore Diary Sep 18, 2018
Most party men and observers reckon Karnataka's muddling political scenario will trundle along at least until the parliamentary elections, which the JDS and Congress plan to fight as allies.
Blog Rough Cut Sep 17, 2018
People from non-political background have always outnumbered inveterate politicians in Nitish Kumar's inner circle of advisors. Kishor has been one of them, with or without an official arrangement.
Blog Calcutta Corner Sep 17, 2018
If religion was an issue in largely “secular” West Bengal, it was years of allegation against the ruling parties by Opposition that they are engaged in “appeasement” of a particular community.
Blog Rail Ways India Sep 13, 2018
Successive governments and political leaders have pledged austerity in public life, but the political class has continued to perpetuate India’s feudal culture.
Blog Sep 11, 2018
The Gurez valley near the Line of Control is no doubt beautiful. Not only does it need tourism but doctors also to treat its population of over 37000.
Blog Tamil Tunes Sep 10, 2018
The release of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins sees the AIADMK and DMK on the same page
Blog Rough Cut Sep 08, 2018
Dharmendra has never been as methodical as Bachchan in his career. He has often chosen his movies because of his personal relationships and paid the price for paying heed to his heart and not his mind.
Blog Rail Ways India Sep 06, 2018
In coming months, passengers keen to experience the romance of rail travel will have more options.
Blog Rough Cut Sep 04, 2018
The Kapoors will put the historic studio on sale as they find it difficult to run it smoothly, due to the losses incurred since the last year's devastating fire, which reduced part of it, and many of its priceless memorabilia, to ashes.
Blog The Pedestrian Sep 02, 2018
Most of the speakers had reached when Arundhati walked in, daintily, clad in a saree, as timid in her gait as she is forceful in her prose. The photographers trained their cameras at her and clicked away furiously. The press conference began.
Blog Live From Srinagar Aug 30, 2018
The protagonists of the AFSPA would argue that the Army’s internal mechanism is enough to deal with such issues. But no one in Kashmir takes it seriously as previous cases like the Patheribal fake encounter case of 2000 shows


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