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Blog Live From Srinagar Oct 19, 2019
The history will be kind to the fourth estate of Kashmir. It won’t say that when we were asked to bend we prostrated. Instead, it will say that when they were asked to bend, they turned to Kafka.
Blog Oct 16, 2019
The rates of suicide and attempted suicide are higher among rape survivors as is the inability to have meaningful healthy relationships.
Blog Live From Srinagar Oct 01, 2019
This tweeting 'normalcy' justifies everything, from abrogation of Article 370 to torture of young boys.
Blog Sep 24, 2019
What Sonia Gandhi needs to do is promote the leaders actually working on the ground and prevent them from quitting the party for lack of redressal of their genuine problems.
Blog Sep 20, 2019
Taking advantage of Thursday’s violence on Jadavpur University campus, the BJP is now set to crack open the Left bastion, if not electorally, then by force.
Blog Sep 17, 2019
The idea of making Hindi the ‘national language’ of India, tossed into the murky September air by Union home minister Amit Shah a few days ago, is an act of willful diversion, pure and simple.
Blog Blog | Live From Srinagar Sep 07, 2019
The edit pages are published without editorials. And, if editorials appear, they do not talk about Kashmir or India or Pakistan, but about elections in Israel and Cambodia!
Blog This Above All Sep 01, 2019
Under permanent curfew in Kashmir, with no means of communication, no avenue to express protest and no voice in decision-making, we have made it easy for our enemies to say that we are an occupying power.
Blog Live From Srinagar Aug 30, 2019
All rumours and speculations proved right in Kashmir. The denials by Governor Satya Pal Malik turned into a litany of lies.
Blog Aug 29, 2019
The government’s decision to handpick Justice Gaur for the post-retirement job has expectedly raised eyebrows, particularly within the Opposition and a section of the legal fraternity, as it is being seen as an ‘award’ for ensuring that Chidambaram ceases to enjoy protection from arrest.
Blog Aug 26, 2019
Decisiveness is a condition that is produced primarily by individuals who have great certitude. This means those people operate primarily on the basis of passions, belief and faith rather than the intellect. They feel strongly about something at a deep level and find it difficult to see the other point of view.
Blog Beyond The News Aug 21, 2019
By abrogating provisions of Article 370, India has smartly shifted the goalpost in Kashmir from right to self-determination to demand for retention of special status, a political observer in Kashmir says.