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Blog This Above All Apr 21, 2019
Politicians, particularly those who regularly address large gatherings, are better aware than the rest of us about what are the issues concerning people.
Blog Tamil Tunes Apr 20, 2019
He was instrumental in preserving the heritage of Chennai which he preferred to call as Madras.
Blog Runic Cube Apr 19, 2019
Priyanka Chaturvedi joining Shiv Sena is as much an indictment of what Congress is, as it is of her. She only joins a long list of political emigrants...a list that reflects an essential ambivalence about its politics of secularism (not to speak of gender).
Blog Apr 17, 2019
The author recently watched NaMo TV and he feels it shouldn't be banned. Here's why.
Blog This Above All Apr 14, 2019
Union Minister Smriti Irani has been mocked for her educational qualifications by the Congress. But is strong academic credentials a requisite for a successful career in politics
Blog Soggy Samosa Apr 12, 2019
After West Ham, United face Barcelona, Everton, City and Chelsea in a make-or-break period for the club's season.
Blog From The Stands Apr 11, 2019
Unless officials’ foreign jaunts are audited and they are made accountable, this vicious circle will continue to afflict Indian sports
Blog Tamil Tunes Apr 09, 2019
From late Jayalalithaa to OPS to EPS to Stalin, no leader’s memory is sacred during Tamil Nadu’s intense election battle
Blog Live From Srinagar Apr 08, 2019
The government is also keen to show that peace has returned to the valley. That is why the Governor visited the tulip garden on Saturday. Now with no one on the roads except the forces, it looked so normal...
Blog This Above All Apr 07, 2019
LK Advani in a blog post said BJP has never regarded those who disagree with it politically as “enemies” or "anti-nationals". "Advani Ji perfectly sums up the true essence of BJP," PM Narendra Modi tweeted the same day.
Blog Rough Cut Apr 04, 2019
Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, who also happens to be the party president, has been the ubiquitous face and the fortune of his party ever since he led NDA to victory against Laloo Prasad’s RJD.
Blog Runic Cube Apr 03, 2019
The Congress is also a schizoid being (like the Left) in many ways. If it’s displaying courage on AFSPA/sedition et al, it’s also reacting with intellectual panic on another front.


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