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Blog This Above All Jun 16, 2019
The restaurants look the same as they did two or three decades ago and though the traffic has increased, there is very little other visual sign of change or economic progress.
Blog Live From Srinagar Jun 12, 2019
Since it is Kashmir, anything that happens here doesn’t stay here. The parties involved have even brought India and Pakistan into it, perhaps on the expected lines.
Blog Jun 10, 2019
Girish Karnad loved discussing classical music, literature and repeatedly engaging with a crucial question 'What is it to be Indian? How can one be an Indian artist?'
Blog Blog Jun 09, 2019
Our leader has worn a suit with his name written on it in gold, and this has not offended most people.We must note that it is in this environment that a billionaire has chosen to do what nobody has done before him and done it with modesty and dignity.
Blog This Above All Jun 02, 2019
Our defeats and losses at work are mostly personal and if others know it is because we told them. For the opposition leaders, it is in the most public sphere.
Blog Live From Srinagar May 28, 2019
Engineer Rashid who became an independent MLA from Kupwara district in 2008, could be a worrying factor for all three leading political parties in the Kashmir valley.
Blog May 28, 2019
Going by the astounding victory of the NDA in the just-concluded general elections, it seems that Nitish Kumar had taken a rather pragmatic step by walking out of the Mahagathbandhan at the right time.
Blog This Above All May 26, 2019
Nobody understands the deep causes of defeat and victory better than the defeated. The defeated have been to all the battlefields. They have looked into the eyes of their soldiers and those of the opponents’.
Blog May 19, 2019
No government policy really affects me or perhaps even touches me. My life was no different during the ten years when Manmohan Singh was prime minister than the five years when Modi was or Vajpayee was.
Blog May 18, 2019
Vidyasagar’s bust perhaps did self-destruct at the current state of affairs!
Blog The Pedestrian May 14, 2019
The basest of criticisms against her start and end with a direct attack on her caste. The saner ones cite the allegations of wide-scale corruption, an extravagant display of her birthday celebrations, and megalomania – "Who builds their own statues?"
Blog This Above All May 12, 2019
As the British were leaving, nobody asked Indians to vote on whether we wanted a Hindu Rashtra or whether we should include religious aspects in our constitution.


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