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Blog Blog Mar 28, 2020
The return of Ramayan to TV screens comes at a crucial turn of India’s political firmament with the Hindu-right BJP having established control over large swathes of the electorate.
Blog Live From Srinagar Mar 28, 2020
Kashmiris have lived through the worst times. All they must do is to adhere to this lockdown and its advisory as this is the only lockdown that is for life, for securing children, adults and old people from the dreaded disease, writes Naseer Ganai.
Blog Mar 20, 2020
Administrative decisions of a CJI form only a fraction of his legacy; a substantial chunk of it must emanate from judgments he has authored or been part of. And it is here that a stark contrast emerges between Dipak Misra and Ranjan Gogoi – both accused of doing the government’s bidding.
Blog Blog Mar 16, 2020
As the Coronavirus scare gripped the world, this author tried Hijab for a mask. Read what happened next.
Blog Blog Feb 18, 2020
It is time for the media to focus on the public health issue of suicide and to spread the word: suicide is preventable.
Blog Feb 08, 2020
In today's times, when people are scared of repercussions for speaking out, what binds them together is 'fear'.
Blog Feb 03, 2020
It would be wiser to reengineer the Indian Railways’ management structure and its working cadres, rather than attempt to restructure it in totality.
Blog Jan 27, 2020
The Maoists returned on Sunday in greater numbers but had to flee into the jungles for the second time in 12 hours in the face of the even greater number of tribals, writes Sandeep Sahu.
Blog Satire Jan 10, 2020
"Are you from the tukde tukde gang or the Khan Market gang?” they barked the question. There was no NOTA button.
Blog Jan 08, 2020
In an industry where the biggest of film stars prefer to remain politically correct, if not mum, it is certainly rare for an A-lister actor to take sides on as big an issue as this, knowing fully well the ramifications of her move.
Blog Jan 06, 2020
No Delhi police chief in recent years has, until Amulya Patnaik came along, had a tenure that's moved so frequently from one disaster to another.
Blog Live From Srinagar Jan 02, 2020
Not even the National Conference lifted an eyebrow when Sheikh’s birth anniversary was removed from the list of 2020 holidays.