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Blog Rail Ways India Dec 14, 2018
Enclosures with tea and water vending stalls, LED televisions or separate toilet blocks for ladies and gents are in the process of being set up at the Allahabad station – the location of this year’s “Kumbh”.
Blog This above all Dec 09, 2018
One of the biggest problems pollsters have is that people often lie in India.
Blog Rail Ways India Dec 08, 2018
Howsoever huge a technological breakthrough in developing the T-18 might be, the build-up about the “marvel train” appears misplaced. The T-18 must not be allowed to meet the fate of the Tejas or the Gatimaan.
Blog Live from Srinagar Dec 07, 2018
Since the dissolution of the State Assembly on November 21, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have 'liked' each other’s tweets.
Blog Dec 04, 2018
Congress party leaders have assured the empty ministerial posts will be filled up before December 10 when the assembly convenes for its winter session.
Blog This Above All Dec 02, 2018
Unfortunately for us, many of the G20 nations are rule of law nations, meaning that their judiciary is actually independent. They will observe and accept the absconding person's argument that in India the investigating agencies, judiciary and jail system are problematic. This cannot be denied, even by us.
Blog Rough Cut Dec 02, 2018
Hits and flops are an intrinsic part of the show business and an actor, howsoever big, has to take his flops in his stride. The Indian cinema history is replete with examples of the failure of good films, let alone the awful ones.
Blog Rail Ways India Nov 30, 2018
Called the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Line (USBRL) project, the Kashmir rail link has been in the making for a decade-and-a-half and has accumulated huge cost escalations in the bargain.
Blog This Above All Nov 25, 2018
The one change that has come by our way as a nation is that we have become more easily communal in our expression as a nation. Today the political parties and the mass media we can say things, reckless things, that they perhaps hesitated from saying before 1992.
Blog Live From Srinagar Nov 24, 2018
Rather than talking about Kashmiri doctors and multi-storey houses in the state, had the Governor concentrated on the fax machine at the Raj Bhavan, Jammu and Kashmir Assembly’s dissolution would not have made headlines in international media.
Blog Rail Ways India Nov 23, 2018
As per Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani, the Indian Railways is “studying” this project proposal submitted by the German government.
Blog This Above All Nov 18, 2018
We must accept that the Gandhi family has sacrificed more for this nation than the leadership of any political party. Would their prestige be restored by another act of sacrifice and renunciation?


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