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Blog May 19, 2019
No government policy really affects me or perhaps even touches me. My life was no different during the ten years when Manmohan Singh was prime minister than the five years when Modi was or Vajpayee was.
Blog May 18, 2019
Vidyasagar’s bust perhaps did self-destruct at the current state of affairs!
Blog The Pedestrian May 14, 2019
The basest of criticisms against her start and end with a direct attack on her caste. The saner ones cite the allegations of wide-scale corruption, an extravagant display of her birthday celebrations, and megalomania – "Who builds their own statues?"
Blog This Above All May 12, 2019
As the British were leaving, nobody asked Indians to vote on whether we wanted a Hindu Rashtra or whether we should include religious aspects in our constitution.
Blog May 11, 2019
Under his watch, now tottering Air India became the sixth most profitable airline in the world and earned profits of Rs. one crore a day. Deveshwar also helmed the ITC from a tobacco major to an FMCG giant, spiralling its revenues tenfold to Rs 50,000 crore
Blog Kalinga Calling May 11, 2019
All journalism suddenly looked so sham and all teething problems of a working journo in Bhubaneswar appeared so very mundane in the realisation that a breakdown in communications could mean the difference between life and death for someone.
Blog Soggy Samosa May 10, 2019
The Champions League final will showcase two managers who have never won this competition, both for different reasons.
Blog Tamil Tunes May 08, 2019
It is the peak of summer in Tamil Nadu – Agni Nakshathiram – the equivalent of Kahthiri in the North. Hot winds start blowing from the morning and people hunt for shades and gulp down water and cool drinks by the gallons
Blog This Above All May 05, 2019
The BJP won a staggering 42% of the vote in Uttar Pradesh in 2014. It held on to this three years later, taking 41% in 2017’s Assembly election. Narendra Modi appears to be upending traditional political calculations in the state
Blog This Above All Apr 28, 2019
Because the BJP is being led by a leadership which is very popular in the middle class, we can expect that the membership and the number of volunteers will continue to expand.
Blog Apr 27, 2019
Naveen Patnaik’s decision to field Bed Prakash Agrawala from Patkura is laced with some deadly motive. Odisha chief minister’s ploy exposes his ruthless streak once again
Blog Tamil Tunes Apr 24, 2019
The Akshay Kumar interview showed how Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are scoring in the PR war.


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