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Blog Nov 16, 2016
Since the move by the government to demonetise Rs 500 and 1000 notes to combat black money and couterfeit currency, most ATMs across the country
Blog Nov 11, 2016
Leonard Cohen, one of music's most revered and visionary artists has died. The Canadian-born songwriter was known for his poetic lyrics that dealt with faith,
Blog Reactions from Twitterati Nov 04, 2016
The Information and Broadcast Ministry has ordered the Hindi news channel to NDTV India to remain shut for one day. The order was invoked under
Blog Nov 03, 2016
Good morning. The headlines and politicking from yesterday are dominated by how Congress VP Rahul Gandhi and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal could not quite meet
Blog Nov 02, 2016
Good morning. Post-Diwali discussions have been dominated by pollution in the capital, the upcoming lack of noise-pollution in Times Now’s studios and of course, the
Blog Nov 01, 2016
This the dumbest thing we have come across recently. He was as lean as a sparkler, wearing a mundu and a t-shirt and there was
Blog Oct 28, 2016
Good morning. With a reported 19 schools being shut in Jammu and Kashmir already, the LeT is now targeting banks. They’re asking bank managers to
Blog Oct 27, 2016
Borrowing from PM Modi’s poll slogan, one that even former British PM David Cameron had referenced, US Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump says “Ab ki
Blog Oct 27, 2016
Good morning. Another day begins with the Samajwadi Party family feud and the Tata not-so-family feud which has resulted in Cyrus Mistry getting on the
Blog Oct 26, 2016
Neeraj Pandey’s short film Ouch, starring Manoj Bajpayee and Pooja  Chopra presents an interesting take on the complex thing that relationships are.  The film spans
Blog Oct 25, 2016
At the WTA finals in Singapore yesterday, Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova was trailing Agnieszka Radwańska and basically having a bad time. Her solution: snip
Blog Blog Oct 25, 2016
Good morning. A special mention goes out to the Samajwadi Party today for giving everyone a soap opera on Monday afternoon instead of waiting until primetime on
Blog Oct 22, 2016
H5N8 virus were found in the samples of three of eight birds which had died recently at the Delhi zoo, and not the H5N1 virus,
Blog Oct 21, 2016
If you weren’t too chuffed with the last film in the X-Men franchise, this one will surely cheer you up. Hugh Jackman is reprising his
Blog Oct 21, 2016
Good morning. Today, like Karan Johar films, it’s all about the family. The Samajwadi party shenanigans continue in Uttar Pradesh, with Akhilesh’s good chum MLC
Blog Oct 20, 2016
Good morning. It was all that chest thumping about the surgical strikes and soon the one with the 56-inch-chest joined in too. Junior Home Minister
Blog Oct 19, 2016
The only thing from Pakistan that has caused much mayhem across the border are pictures of a green-eyed chaiwalla that are taking the internet by
Blog Oct 19, 2016
Good morning. Today’s headlines have been dominated by PM Modi’s comment on the recent surgical strikes. Over in Bengal, a 21-year-old college student found her
Blog Oct 17, 2016
The second movie in the Reacher series realeasing four years after the first part.
Blog Oct 17, 2016
The video shows people participating in the Maratha Kranti Muk Morcha in Thane on Sunday, October 16.  The Maratha community had taken to the streets in
Blog Oct 17, 2016
Good morning. The Nobel Prize has been in the news lately, namely for Bob Dylan winning it, and it was on this day, 37 years
Blog Oct 15, 2016
Former Supreme Court judge  Markandey Katju has found the time to feature in the news a lot lately. After offending all of Bihar, the former
Blog Oct 14, 2016
A post-morterm report has confirmed that 22-year-old Minhaz Ansari, arrested on October 3for allegedly sending out an objectionable message on Whatsapp about beef, died due to torture in
Blog Oct 14, 2016
US presidency race has come down to a your-laundry-is-dirtier-than-mine debate. The debate has been less of revealing candidates’ mind on policies and more of pulling out
Blog Oct 14, 2016
Good morning. Sixty years ago, the father of the Indian constitution Dr. B.R. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism on this day. Over growing internet concerns over privacy,
Blog Oct 13, 2016
Only yesterday, a report in Dawn elaborated on Pakistan’s urge to create a coterie of countries bigger than SAARC due to its view that India has been dominating
Blog Oct 13, 2016
Good morning. It was on this day, 1,962 years ago that Nero became Emperor of Rome and we all know how that turned out for
Blog Oct 12, 2016
If we are not considered as one of them, why should we follow that religion?” asked Dipanshu Parish, a 23-year-old from Ahmedabad, who was one
Blog Oct 12, 2016
In a video of a bullying going viral on Whatsapp, a schoolboy of about fourteen is being beaten up by what looks like a gang
Blog Oct 12, 2016
Good morning. The stereotypical image of the Chambal daaku has long been etched in our memory, courtesy Bollywood. Now though, it seems that gangs from the region


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