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Blog Feb 14, 2019
Nepal and India are connected via language, culture and common religion, and also Bollywood.
Blog Bangalore Diary Feb 11, 2019
BJP's 'Operation Lotus' gambit had paid off in Karnataka a decade ago. The phrase is once again making headlines in the state after the Janata Dal (Secular)-Congress coalition came to power in May 2018.
Blog This Above All Feb 10, 2019
The wording of Article 48 of the Constitution may be scientific and economic but of course, this is a religious act. It has trapped India just like Article 28 has trapped Pakistan.
Blog Tamil Tunes Feb 07, 2019
As election season looms large, there is a race among political leaders to grab the spotlight.
Blog Rough Cut Feb 06, 2019
The commercial loss of a few crores incurred on such films, if any, should not jolt either SRK's stature as a superstar or his multi-million empire. He can easily withstand a few knocks in his quest for quality cinema.
Blog Tamil Tunes Feb 05, 2019
Tamil Nadu villagers have a love-hate relationship with this tusker
Blog This Above All Feb 03, 2019
The reality is that jobs around the world are shrinking and will continue to shrink, particularly the sort of jobs that people want. Many experts are predicting mass unemployment in most advanced economies within the next decade and a half.
Blog This Above All Jan 27, 2019
I agree with Arun Jaitley but I don’t think he’s serious about what he is saying. I will explain what I mean
Blog Live From Srinagar Jan 24, 2019
With the Assembly elections likely to be held along with the parliamentary polls, how Omar deals with the Congress and independent leaders will be keenly watched.
Blog This Above All Jan 20, 2019
The constituency that was affected by the ban was not big, and the public at large does not sympathise with them, and so the political parties kept figuring out ways to keep the ban going.
Blog Kalinga Calling Jan 17, 2019
With both major Opposition parties in disarray and the coming together of BJD discards proving to be a non-starter, the only thing that can upset the BJD applecart is dissidence within the party.
Blog This Above All Jan 14, 2019
The history of electoral alliances in India is that when the dominant party faces a joint opposition, it gives up seats.


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