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Blog Jul 02, 2020
His was a classical Caribbean story of rags to greatness. Youngest of the three Ws, Everton Weekes was no less than a Don Bradman when it came to batting
Blog Blog Jun 28, 2020
Congress’ nearly criminal neglect of one of its most prominent leaders and its unwillingness to even confer credit on Narasimha Rao for his most enduring legacy is, arguably, the result of a combination of factors that came to the fore during his prime ministerial stint.
Blog Blog Jun 19, 2020
If Sanjay Jha is being praised for his forthright and honest criticism of Congress party, it is only prudent that he be put to the same test.
Blog Jun 13, 2020
Over the past few months (or has it been years?), the story of India too appears to be that of unbelievable filters.
Blog Jun 12, 2020
A hardcore newsman who had discovered Kanshi Ram and his Dalit politics in the slums of Regarpura in the backyard of Karol Bagh much before the world knew him, I could see the curious journey of print in the years ahead. A magazine analysing the trends in many areas of life and offering a perspective instead of ritualised news, combining well-researched essays with new fiction – that was my ambition.
Blog Blog May 31, 2020
The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan has been moving at an amazing pace. For example, the Gujarat government clearly made arrangement for treatment of the Covid-struck, but once on locally-made Dhaman-1 ventilators -- because local ke liye vocal-- a patient had to be Atmanirbhar for recovery.
Blog May 28, 2020
With elections on the anvil, to expect a committee will be able to find out who is leaking 'confidential' ICC news looks foolhardy
Blog May 24, 2020
It is true that Nirmala Sitharaman and Mayawati’s attack against Rahul Gandhi is misdirected and neither of them or any other frontline political leader has made the effort to personally reach out to the lakhs of migrants who have hit India’s national and state highways in their long.
Blog Blog May 22, 2020
A mother, who works from home during the ongoing lockdown, is enjoying her time at home. The reason: her child.
Blog May 17, 2020
Mourning comes after we feel the tangibility of the loss. Its absence, or the inability to come face-to-face with the dead, only deepens the void in the heart. What we are left with is an abyss that sucks us into disbelief and shock and uncertainty, writes Qadri Inzamam.
Blog Blog May 17, 2020
Countrywide, the Covid-19 toll is mounting. The denouement seems nowhere near yet. Did the government bungle it all? Should we have been wiser?While these questions now rankle and haunt, I see this shaitaan virus having the last laugh.
Blog May 17, 2020
Of all its decades, 1990s do appear to be replete with run-of-the-mill movies, with least number of all-time classics. It is amply illustrated by the fact that most of the favourite films chosen by the stars are in the range of mediocre-to-above average category, writes Giridhar Jha.