December 05, 2020
Zafar Meraj

Zafar Meraj

  • The Burden Of Expectations
    The Burden Of Expectations

    The state welcomes the Mufti as CM but can he deliver on all that he has promised? More Coverage

  • 'Tis The Fall Season...
    'Tis The Fall Season...

    ...for the Abdullahs, as the Valley places trust in a new regime. And though his party fares badly, Vajpayee...

  • An Incendiary Ride
    An Incendiary Ride

    Militants deter voters in the third phase, boosting NC's chances More Coverage

  • The Vote's The Real Story
    The Vote's The Real Story

    It's fair, and with a better turnout. The polls this time could prove quite a different one for the NC. More...

  • Autumn Thaw
    Autumn Thaw

    The elections this time have begun on a fairer note, notwithstanding the stray allegation. And that's...

  • Gunshot Wounds
    Gunshot Wounds

    A minister's murder by anti-poll militants will ultimately benefit the NC

  • United They Stand, For A Divided Land
    United They Stand, For A Divided Land

    A strong separatist sentiment marks Jammu and Ladakh campaigns

  • Independent's Day
    Independent's Day

    Sick of National Conference rule, the Kashmiri populace is placing its hopes in candidates contesting on...

  • State Gazette
    State Gazette

    The global village sizzles in sultry swadeshi, Botching a perfect script, Victory's caste, Kargil's undead...

  • Nine Pins at Faith Hill
    Nine Pins at Faith Hill

    A terrorist attack on Amarnath yatris raises the security stakes

  • A Break With The Patron
    A Break With The Patron

    Pakistan's Hurriyat resents the PoK government's 'about-turn'

  • How Grey Is My Valley
    How Grey Is My Valley

    The mantle's changed hands, but Kashmiris are weary of the Abdullahs' political opportunism

  • Hawks In A Cage
    Hawks In A Cage

    Will New Delhi's new strategy of isolating hardliners backfire?

  • Elective Democracy
    Elective Democracy

    It has to be free and fair, but the government can ensure the assembly polls is not a repeat farce

  • Sniper's Seal
    Sniper's Seal

    With Hurriyat moderate Abdul Ghani Lone's assassination, India's announcement that it intends to hold a free...

  • Electing Freedom
    Electing Freedom

    The Salahuddin-Dar feud splits Kashmir's biggest tanzeem

  • Srinagar Conspiracy
    Srinagar Conspiracy

    POTO finds a scalp in the ailing JKLF chief in a tense poll run-up

  • Who Will Lift The Vale?
    Who Will Lift The Vale?

    In the new South Asian scenario, a dialogue between Delhi and the Hurriyat is the only option

  • Serious About Peace
    Serious About Peace

    Moderate Hizbs distance themselves from their militant cousins

  • A Vale Bedevilled
    A Vale Bedevilled

    Confusion, despair and fear prevail as various groups feel the tremors of Black Tuesday.

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