March 31, 2020
Vivek Menezes

Vivek Menezes

  • Patagonia Diary
    Patagonia Diary

    The Argentine obsession with beef is matched only by a similar fixation with dulce-de-leche, aka caramel

  • A Flight Of The Piggish
    A Flight Of The Piggish

    Goa’s second airport plan has too many ghost hangars

  • Part Tragedy, Part Farce
    Part Tragedy, Part Farce

    Subramanian Swamy’s valedictory address at a Goan college didn’t quite go as planned.

  • Blackjack Takes All
    Blackjack Takes All

    BJP govt’s promises fade, Goa’s casinos stay

  • Start-Ups In The Slow Lane
    Start-Ups In The Slow Lane

    Despite complaints about bandwidth and Internet reliability, it's raining start-ups in Goa.

  • Singapore Dreams In India's Susegad State
    Singapore Dreams In India's Susegad State

    Why these supercharged fantasies continue for famously laid-back Goa.

  • Raising Steaks
    Raising Steaks

    Goans recognise that the beef shortage in the state has nothing to do with them, or religious sentiments...

  • Global Village Called Goa
    Global Village Called Goa

    Warts and all, an alternate idea of India is steadily burgeoning in the country's smallest state…

  • Goa Poll Diary
    Goa Poll Diary

    Goa’s Congress party has managed to do what Parrikar himself could never engineer in all these years— it...

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    Even I am starting to believe that a kind of real political miracle can come about in the beguilingly...

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    On the trail of a deeply unconventional campaign in Cumbharjua, being run by Bismarque Dias, a maverick...

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    In an era of professional campaigns, paid news and coerced electorates, Bismarque Dias, a maverick Catholic...

  • Goa Diary
    Goa Diary

    Sussegad no more, once-sleepy Goa goes to the polls on March 3rd, while the improbable candidature of a rangy...

  • Konkan Da Costa!
    Konkan Da Costa!

    From the Malvan beaches down to Goa, fruits of the sea change their accent

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