June 23, 2021
Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva

  • Seeds Of A Divide
    Seeds Of A Divide

    Environmentalist and author Mark Lynas now says GM crops are the answer to global food security. Vandana...

  • Time To End War Against The Earth
    Time To End War Against The Earth

    This war has its roots in an economy that fails to respect ecological and ethical limits — limits to...

  • An Open Letter To The Finance Minister
    An Open Letter To The Finance Minister

    Asking banks to give more loans to solve the problem of suicides caused by indebtedness is like asking a...

  • Terrorism As Cannibalism
    Terrorism As Cannibalism

    Our deepening dehumanisation is at the roots of growing violence. Reclaiming our humanity in inclusive,...

  • Globalisation And Talibanisation
    Globalisation And Talibanisation

    The Ecology of Terrorism: Economic globalisation is fuelling economic insecurity, eroding cultural diversity...

  • Other Terrorisms
    Other Terrorisms

    The tragedy of September 11 provides us with an opportunity to stop all forms of terrorism -- militaristic,...

  • "The Poor Can Buy Barbie Dolls"

    How elite India, oblivious to the hunger and destitution but enthralled by the junk that can now be imported,...

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