June 06, 2020

Urvashi Butalia

  • Totem Weds Taboo
    Totem Weds Taboo

    Making a case for same-sex marriage, via religion, custom, culture, even law at times

  • Real-Life Fiction
    Real-Life Fiction

    A brave venture to take on the ways in which power plays out in intimate spaces.

  • The Curse Of '84
    The Curse Of '84

    These are stories worth reading - even if not always well-told - as they provide some telling insights about...

  • The Iron Curtain
    The Iron Curtain

    A useful collection that could not have come at a more opportune time, for while the battle on the veil may...

  • Lettres Rogatory
    Lettres Rogatory

    Along with diplomats, buses and possible air links, this volume too may find place in track three diplomacy.

  • Blaze Of Greed
    Blaze Of Greed

    A timely reminder that despite years of activism, and attempts to make the law more stringent, the problem...

  • Writerly Truths
    Writerly Truths

    For readers concerned with the politics of writing, the writer's responsibility, the nature of the literary...

  • Sifting Some Smouldering Embers
    Sifting Some Smouldering Embers

    A study of three different forms of systematic violence against women in India

  • A Life Less Ordinary
    A Life Less Ordinary

    Engrossing true witch's tale, but doesn't tread the tensions

  • My Book of the Century
    My Book of the Century

  • Inwardly Mobile
    Inwardly Mobile

    Self-criticism marks the maturing of the secular debate

  • "I Had Two Options—Writing Or Madness"

    In her most exhaustive interview to date, Arundhati Roy goes to the heart of her novel

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