June 19, 2021

Udayan Ray

  • One More To Bingo
    One More To Bingo

    The investor can breathe easy. The election season budget pops no big irritants for him.

  • The Futures Budget
    The Futures Budget

    Some good news, some bad for the Sensex. Here's the outlook...

  • Shoppers, Don't Stop
    Shoppers, Don't Stop

    By curbing inflation and reducing certain excise duties, the FM encourages spending

  • Bite Before The Balm
    Bite Before The Balm

    The FM has, at last, bitten into tax reforms. It may hurt a while, but it will heal.

  • Conquest Of Dreams
    Conquest Of Dreams

    Your pension will now hinge on the mercurial markets. Expect a surfeit of products, and a sure loss of...

  • EVAsive Action Time?
    EVAsive Action Time?

    How should the chief be paid? On performance? The market? Or the Murthy formula?

  • Par For The Bourse
    Par For The Bourse

    SEBI plans a slew of measures to make investing in stocks safer. Will Mr Average bite?

  • Bears Come Calling
    Bears Come Calling

    Multinationals with tepid performances are no longer favourites

  • Middle Class Menu
    Middle Class Menu

    Where it will pinch, how you will gain… Fifteen important things you need to know in Budget 2001.

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