June 23, 2021

Tony Lewis

  • Theory Of Class
    Theory Of Class

    Innovative techniques and specialist cricketers with allotted roles can only go that far. Talent is what...

  • Keen Flesh, Young Blood
    Keen Flesh, Young Blood

    The Tendulkar example shows the importance of intitiation rituals

  • A Fragmented Cup
    A Fragmented Cup

    Cloak-and-dagger politics and 30 meaningless matches offset the high romance of it all

  • The Rage Of Passion
    The Rage Of Passion

    Tribalism in sports is not unusual, and the one-day format serves to intensify it

  • The Vagaries Of Cricket
    The Vagaries Of Cricket

    Talent and self-determination is an explosive combination, yet one-day cricket can upturn all plans

  • No One's Queueing Up
    No One's Queueing Up

    Cricket fever in Pakistan remains at a low pitch, somewhat like England's fortunes

  • Fielding A Good Side
    Fielding A Good Side

    For all the focus on batsmen, it's Jonty Rhodes and his ilk who may tilt the scales

  • Negative Imagining
    Negative Imagining

    Australia should have padded up and kept their eyes on the cherry

  • More Than Ever Before, England Needs Luck
    More Than Ever Before, England Needs Luck

    Former skipper Tony Lewis on the daunting task ahead for Atherton

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