November 24, 2020

Suveen K. Sinha

  • The Real Test
    The Real Test

    This is an auspicious moment for a column's birth. But, with all the immodesty of a boundless newborn, it...

  • Lack-A-Daisies

    If the BCCI doesn't get its act together, and fast, the Indo-Pak return series will be an organisational...

  • Concrete Gains
    Concrete Gains

    Swiss giant Holcim's acquisition of ACC is a win-win deal for Gujarat Ambuja

  • 20Somethings

    The high-adrenaline Twenty20 is catching on elsewhere. Does India need it?

  • How Many Roads?
    How Many Roads?

    Both Sachin and Kumble have been called the best, so why are they still being panned by the Indian people?

  • First-Class Flop
    First-Class Flop

    Only the utterly jobless watch Ranji games. No wonder. The stars are elsewhere.

  • The Inner Waterloo
    The Inner Waterloo

    Public outrage is all fine but let's face it, we didn't have a stomach 'for the battle'

  • More Qs Than As
    More Qs Than As

    The effects of the lean season are yet to kick in. The real test begins now.

  • Webgyor

    The Internet is booming again. In usage, advertising, e-commerce and VC funds.

  • Varun Gandhi
    Varun Gandhi

    In an 'issueless' and Rahul Gandhi-less Maharashtra poll campaign, he is drawing some big crowds and being...

  • What's That Stink?
    What's That Stink?

    Business houses protest the proposed scrapping of a clause that has protected Indian firms with foreign...

  • Decontrol Cricket!
    Decontrol Cricket!

    It is Team India and not Team BCCI, says the court

  • The Namesake
    The Namesake

    Varun Gandhi's campaign had been carefully planned by the BJP to make an impact in the Congress bastion of...

  • The Firm's Follies
    The Firm's Follies

    Consultants McKinsey's prescriptions, many times, leave the patient crippled

  • Reforms Left Out
    Reforms Left Out

    The row over foreign experts in the plan panel shows how the Left is stalling the reformers in the government...

  • Ticket In A Bottle
    Ticket In A Bottle

    What do recruiters want, and what do they get? Not the team man, anyway.

  • The Nowhere Men
    The Nowhere Men

    The gory murder of two gay men in Delhi exposes the darkness, and despair, prevalent in the community

  • Sunshine In A Briefcase
    Sunshine In A Briefcase

    Seven years in political wilderness and he's lost none of his touch. The gentle tug of the CMP was all over,...

  • Be Back In Just A Minute
    Be Back In Just A Minute

    Ads are now woven into television programmes

  • 'DMK Was Never Anti-Hindi, Only Against Its Imposition'
    'DMK Was Never Anti-Hindi, Only Against Its Imposition'

    Touted the new face of DMK, the Communications Minister, in the news for both good and bad reasons, sets the...

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