February 23, 2020

Sundar Sarukkai

  • Kabali

    The film itself is laboured and sometimes contrived, the gangster elements are predictable and sometimes even...

  • Thoonga Vanam
    Thoonga Vanam

    While the movie is gripping and stylish in parts, it loses its hold at crucial moments.

  • Uttama Villian
    Uttama Villian

    Kamal sacrifices what could have been a powerful story to please his narcissistic self.

  • O Kadhal Kanmani (OK, Kanmani)
    O Kadhal Kanmani (OK, Kanmani)

    Mani Ratnam fails as a writer and love becomes just another metaphor for tradition.

  • Lingaa

    We can only see this movie like fond parents who see their children acting in a school play. Ours is not to...

  • Kaththi

    It is impossible to watch this movie without a sense of cynicism creeping up on you

  • Jigarthanda (Tamil)
    Jigarthanda (Tamil)

    This is what experts call the Stockholm Syndrome, where the captive audience falls in love with the captors...

  • Oggarane (Kannada)
    Oggarane (Kannada)

    In spite of its inconsistencies, will become part of a small group of films that are challenging the...

  • Swirls Of Yearning
    Swirls Of Yearning

    What takes people to shrines that grant what they seek? A look at wish-making.

  • Those Donnie Darkos
    Those Donnie Darkos

    In the south, more than reel, films morph into rituals of the culture

  • Singam (Tamil)
    Singam (Tamil)

    Plato would have been proud of Singam. It is full of eternal, unchanging truths of Tamil cinema...

  • Ayan (Tamil)
    Ayan (Tamil)

    Saint meets James Bond. In the style of grand capers, the hero is a crook with a heart

  • Unlock The Doors Of Despair
    Unlock The Doors Of Despair

    Search high and low, but happiness lies in our pain. Evade it and you're lost in the quagmire.

  • The Deity In The Engine
    The Deity In The Engine

    Technology takes a round of the temple. Indians, still in the thrall of rituals, are yet to come to terms...

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