September 28, 2020

Sudha G. Tilak

  • This Alien Is Our Own
    This Alien Is Our Own

    The pasha of pulp is back to his best

  • Pirates Of The Arabian
    Pirates Of The Arabian

    You can't keep the Tamil macho hero down for long. But lover boys bloom in between.

  • Sivaji: The Boss
    Sivaji: The Boss

    For the believer it is an extravaganza, a voyage into the absurd, the ludicrous and the funny. The doubter...

  • Green Grass And Blue Skies
    Green Grass And Blue Skies

    Camps far away from the city where children interact with rural communities and nature

  • Mr Bumbastic
    Mr Bumbastic

    If Bengali mainstream cinema lives today, it's because of the efforts of actor Prosenjit

  • Tech That! And That!
    Tech That! And That!

    Consider this, a vacation from your telephone, newspapers and the internet. The perfect prescription for...

  • M'hattan Mynah
    M'hattan Mynah

    Meet NY model Saira Mohan. The Indian face of the global standard of beauty.

  • Unlikely Heroine
    Unlikely Heroine

    Nisha Sharma walked out of her impending marriage to attain dubious cult status.

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