June 19, 2021

Subodh Mishra

  • Cops With An Aim
    Cops With An Aim

    Bihar's top cops are giving up chasing gangsters, and are quitting the civil services to go after their...

  • The Engine Can't Stop Coughing
    The Engine Can't Stop Coughing

  • To Sir And A Cop, With Love
    To Sir And A Cop, With Love

    Two men shatter the myth that entry to the IITs is the preserve of the city-bred privileged youth

  • Reams Of History Sheets
    Reams Of History Sheets

    Is he Robin Hood or just a plain goon? Whatever, he's a minister now.

  • DNA Beckons
    DNA Beckons

    Seven generations of a family have held firm to the baton. Will the chain be finally broken?

  • Thought Ballooning
    Thought Ballooning

    Career politicians and big parties will deride them as amateurs. But these conscientious objectors won't sit...

  • The Alternative
    The Alternative

    If the Congress-led coalition breasts the tape, Manmohan Singh could be prime minister

  • Chicken Coop Raid
    Chicken Coop Raid

    Beyond leaked papers, the HRD ministry plans its own subversion on the IIMs Updates

  • Thin Red Line
    Thin Red Line

    The PW is on the run in its stronghold, Telangana. But its tentacles are throbbing in the rest of...

  • Maolin Rouge
    Maolin Rouge

    The maverick group known for its violent justice meted out in kangaroo courts is tying up with Nepal's Maoists

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